moving/under construction/half asleep

So I've decided to start up a new blog with a new name and basically new everything/website/etsy store. I know I am no Charles Dickens but I've enjoyed writing in this format and updating the very few who read this. I also would like to combine my passion for crafting and photo taking that happens in my household. So stay tuned!!

impossible film for polaroid

Zach has been re teaching me to shoot on a film camera and I will be developing my first roll of film that I have taken photos on since High School. I am pretty excited about it. He takes beautiful photos, Learning from someone pretty great so I might as well take advantage of the opportunity and share the interest. Most of my photos if they even turn out will be of Blake of course. 90% of the Blake's photos are of him sleeping. He is just so damn cute and sleeps like a baby :p .. Zach has a whole book of negatives that he wants to pass down to Blake one day when he is old enough or interested. I am hoping he grows fond of the hobby and wants to pursue it like dad and appreciates all of the photos.


Blake is currently sleeping, We got a late start to bath and bottle time. (Our routine before bed time.) We went and visited dad at set today. Which is always fun. I love seeing Zach work. (Sounds weird) But he is so talented and great at what he does. Not just saying that because I'm married to him, but its true. So much talent. He has recently had a great opportunity to work on a project and pick a great crew of friends. I couldn't be happier.

So Blake is sleeping, A quick up date and I suppose I should get my ass to bed as well..

a tooth a tooth!!

Blake, Blake blake bahhh I really should take a course in writing. I am horrible at starting sentences. Blake has been sleeping half the night in his play pen since we started the bath bottle bed routine. The rest of the night he sleeps in bed with us because honestly lack of sleep defeats me and I become slothful and sleeping and breastfeeding is the easiest multitasking task you could do.
Last week I decided it was time to try the crib again. Which failed because he started teething and stopped sleeping through the night so it has just been easier for my sloth self to have him next to my bed. The reason why it failed the first time is because I am a ridiculous idiot who has watched way too many horror movies in my childhood. I can hardly watch them now I am a chicken.


Stupid ass horror flicks and dumb Internet posts about ghosts and haunting's on a damn baby monitor. It's making it a little hard for me to leave him in his crib alone in his room 5 feet down the hall from my room. Oh the drama haha. But the monitor picks up random sounds and the signal will randomly go in and out. It is a decent quality monitor too so I know that's not that case. Anyways I am never watching horror movies again and maybe I just shouldn't use the damn thing problem solved. 

Blake has a tooth. 
He is grabbing everything within reach now. 
He loves to talk gibberish and squeal!
Bath time still his favorite. 
Big Block Sing Songs and Mickey are his jam.
5 months this week!!

Good night.. After 5 more chores :(