4 months ish..

He's asleep! Now is the time to shower, eat, Pee in peace or maybe pick up around the house.

The moment my hand touches the shower faucet or the second my ass touches my freezing cold toilet seat I hear crying in the background.. Damn. Guess I'll shower later.
("Did I just hear the shower turn on?')

Ive had a bit of trouble teaching Blake that it's OK to nap alone.. His long naps only occur when I am cuddled up next to him. Don't get me wrong I LOVE to cuddle with my sweet baby. But I'd like to while not smelling like sour old breast milk..

Luckily now that he is practicing sitting up on his own and  can entertain him self a bit. I put his little baby butt in the walker grandma bought em for Christmas. He tries grabbing the creatures on it and listens to the music count and sing ABC's while I shower. Win win.

Ive been meaning to update this thing for the past two weeks, But Ive honestly been lazy and enjoying having Zach home. Also he mostly works on the computer and I hate typing on my iPad. I am no writer at all but this is relaxing. Gives me some time to my self for a moment and helps me remember shit that's happening in life at the moment. #mombrain 

So the 4 month check up and vaccines went quite well this past month. This kid is growing like a weed! Yet another cliche and true saying.. I can't believe my minion is almost 3 feet long! He defiantly didn't obtain that trait from Zach or myself. He is about 17 pounds now. In 6-9 month clothing. I was a little stunned to see that he is in larger clothing than what the tag says but I have a feeling ( slowly realizing ) ha that these tags are incorrect and all the other mommies I know of right now. Their babies are in much larger clothing. Damn clothing industry.. I thought I was set on clothes for Blake until at least he reached a year old but I was defiantly so so wrong. I will be needing to go on a clothing spree for him in just a couple months. Going through the outfits and tiny socks is so bitter sweet. It is a little difficult to get rid of them. I started a box of clothes I want to keep and its already full... Uh oh.. then realizing maybe I do want another... haha too bad we can't pick the sex of our children. But its not in the near future. So if anyone actually reads these and whom ever. The thought of a second child has been brought up but not any time soon and when it does happen that's it. No more. Back and forth I sometimes consider to refuse to foresee Blake being an only child. Growing up I sometimes thought I wanted to be an only child, But for selfish reasons. But over the years growing up I am thankful for the brother and sister I have now. Even though they can be buttheads it's nice to have that friend always there for you. Then I wish I had even more siblings. But I guess my mother isn't a cat haha. 

Buddha baby getting looked over by his Dr. 

I don't know if being a mother has set my standards on situations and things in life to unrealistic proportions, But I had a hard time accepting and picking out a pediatrician. To this day I kind of feel I wish I could change again for the 5th time.. Why is no one good enough? Why am I being such a crazy bitch sometimes. (Who am I kidding ) His Dr now is good. I feel could be better. Most of the Dr's I met were just so cold and short. I am a first time mother this child is my everything they should be a little more sensitive and warm towards my child and my self.. Whatever a topic for another day.

He knows the camera too well at this point.. 

Horrible to admit and confess at such and early age. But Blake actually LOVES Mickey Mouse. It makes me happy. Because I am a Disney nerd and that's putting it lightly. One of my first thoughts from the moment I found out I was pregnant was YES !! Someone to obsess and watch Disney with all day every day. Over time I noticed while breast feeding or changing diapers while catching up on some shows Blake would turn and stare at the TV and start watching TV with me. So naturally I put on Disney or Mickey cartoons and it started there. I put Blake in the bouncer or walker 1-2 times a day and let him enjoy some Mickey Mouse Club House.. He is entertained for at least half an hour. Gold! That's my time to eat shower whatever.. I mean at least it is educational right? Whatever gotta do what I gotta do. 

Watching the Mouse!

I always have too much to type about when I wait so long to update.. So Ill summarize a few things and hope for another update next week. 

Blake can bounce in his bouncer all by him self. He loves to talk during and after feeding. He wants to grab anything and everything and put it in his mouth. I bought a teething necklace and I love it. Its pretty and Blake enjoys it too. Its better than him pulling on my shirt or hair while breast feeding. 

Dad bought Blake matching shades 

My hair is falling out in globs lately..  Its unbelievable. I thought it wouldn't happen to me. HA. I feel like the girl from The Craft. Except I didn't do anything to deserve such a curse. Ready for this faze to be over.
me wah!

But plus side I still am amazed and grateful how much urine my bladder can hold. Not having to use the restroom a million times a day is great!

My upcoming goals -

-Get together with mom friends in real life not via Facebook
-Get Blake back to his crib
-Attempt movie theater with an infant ?

Lets see. Until next week.. (promising my self this time.) 

Au Revoir !!
(Bye for now - In french :P )