New Year- full year of motherhood ahead!

These past few weeks I have been thinking to myself that I need to update my blog.. But lately I'd rather clean or be completely lazy and binge watch Netflix. I hate typing on my phone or iPad. When I update this thing I like a real keyboard and this huge screen to look at since I am half blind, and some music.. I haven't updated this damn thing since October!

Cliches are totally true. Time not only goes faster as you get older but it hauls ass when you have a kid. And I am enjoying every second of motherhood. Even the nights he wakes me up right after ( I have finally been able to ignore husband and dogs snores, Because I am unfortunately thee lightest sleeper in history.) fallen asleep .. Eyes half open then his little grin and coos make me smile then we are both wide awake enjoying each others company.

(Starting to sew again. Bandana Bibs!)

Well Blake is almost 4 months! So much has changed within these four months.. He giggles and is very vocal lately. I think he is a fan of his own voice these days. He also has conversations with his stuffed animals at bed time.. He is working on sitting up by him self. He can stand with some help and grab items within reach. His favorite is my hair. Partly the reason why I just chopped it off. Between him grabbing at it and it now falling off because of postpartum I am assuming which sucks, Hair is just every where. As if I didn't already leave a trail of hair behind me like cookie crumbs...

I just ordered one of those trendy teething necklaces moms wear for their infants to slobber all over. I'd say its a great alternative from my hair or my shirt or my arm, hands, boobs and anything else within reach because I've got an early teether here. He likes to gum everything to death lately. He's like a zombie if you put anything near his mouth lately he attacks with sound effects and all. Luckily he has given my nipples mercy. Heaven help me for when he finally gets teeth I just might ban him from the boobs.. By the way it is still going well. Boob all day and one formula bottle a night. To give my self a break and the milk I pump in the evening is the supply I save and freeze. Ive started a great collection in my freezer. Since I am not an over productive cow like I was hoping that's how I am saving some breast milk for this little heifer. I am only making enough for what he needs nothing extra. I have also recently introduced rice cereal to his diet with some breast milk because I figure why not maybe he will sleep a little longer through the nights and learn to eat a little early. He seems to like it most nights. Especially in the bath he LOVES bath time. So kill 2 birds with one stone. Bath and cereal. No mess. He really does love his bath time though. Ive started a routine around thanksgiving he gets a bath and bottle every night then its bed time. It has worked so far. Just this past 2 weeks he has finally sleeping through the night!!! SOOOO HAPPY! Oh how I have missed sleep. Sometimes a full 6 hours it feels great. Because I am obviously not sleeping when he is. Its a great rule to try and follow. Sleep when baby sleeps. Ha. I have shit to do..

Thanksgiving and Christmas we ended up going home for both. It's hard not to see family often. Having Blake I thought before hand it would make it easier on missing the family but that wasn't the case it has made it more difficult. It has made me wish for more family time. But at the same time I enjoy where I am at because Ive become such a hermit and refuse to live in my home town..
The drive was ok. Blake did good only having a couple fits but I can't blame him I wouldn't want to be strapped into a car seat for 6-8 hours that blows..
Left our Christmas trip a little early because the family gave us a present of sickness. Cold with strep for me. Blake so congested he could barely nurse from the lack of air he was barley able to get through his tiny nostrils and Zach a sinus infection. A house full of snot. And its presence still has yet to leave me.. I feel an ear infection knocking at the door now. ..

Few more new things. Blake still LOVES music. New favorites which I not so secretly adore now. Big Block Singsongs, look these cheesy kid music videos up they are ridiculous. I love them.

I am not sure if I have lost all my weight. I now can fit into a couple pairs of jeans I have owned pre pregnancy so that's good I guess. I am not too concerned or in a rush. My husband loves me, What do I have to worry about lol. jk kinda.. Maybe Ill bring my bike inside. Plus I don't own a scale. If I did I would probably be OCD about it and on it multiple times a day talking down to my self.

Oh my husbands love for cameras has grown he is totally OCD about film right now. I love to tease him about it. But its seriously awesome. This boy is going to have so many childhood photos he won't know what to do with them. Every day is documented in photos. But he is so talented and we have beautiful photos. Developed right here in our home...

I am going to wrap this up until next week.. Just blabbing away..
( I need more mom friends to hang out with )