My birth story..

Of what I can remember.
It's already been over 3 weeks since the birth. I'm still replaying and thinking about my whole experience.. Still in awe. I can't believe I have a child..Me a mother1

Thursday September 17th forcing my self to rush and get ready for my routine dr visit because the night before I hardly slept. Blake was most active at night and has been proving that to me now. His days and nights are mixed. Truly regretting not eating a real breakfast before I went to see my dr that morning, Little did I know she was going to inform me Blake would be making his debut that night or the next morning. So we thought..

My blood pressure during the last month of my pregnancy had been up and down. But unfortunately that day it was unexceptionally high. I had developed Pre-eclampsia. High blood pressure and signs of damage or possible damage to kidneys and only cure is to deliver baby or complications can occur in the mother or baby or both.

I was so not expecting this news I immediately broke into tears concerned about the baby and I felt un prepared and of course started freaking out about my dogs. So there we go! My dr told me to immediately check my self into the hospital. ( I am surprised I've remembered this much )
Due Date was September 28th. Few days shy of 38 weeks.

Zach dropped me off at the hospital so I could get situated. Seeing that we had a bit before starting the pitocin he had time to go home get our bags and things situated. So I check my self in and they get me into my room and changed. I meet my nurses start my paper work and the wait begins. They started the pitocin after everything was settled.

no pain yet...

Since we live away from all of our family I luckyily had one of my best friends there for support until husband was back with me at the hospital. Thank you Kelsey!


Zach made it back and we had let family members know what was happening. Our excited grandmas decided to drive down right after work. They made it around midnight and there was no progress in my labor. I was 1 cm when my dr examined me at my appointment that afternoon and still only one that night. Pain was tolerable is honestly just felt like the horrible menstrual cramps I've had in the past. Starving at this point, Hadn't not eaten that day. But my dogs had their morning waffle with pumpkin..Begging the nurses for food every time one would come into the room. Telling me I needed to wait for approval from my dr if I could have some sort of snack. I just wanted anything at that point a few crackers would have been great.. Zach ended up leaving to the cafeteria to sneak me something. 2 peanut butter crackers later and those were the best pb crackers I've ever had! I heard my nurse coming into the room. Trying to hide the evidence that I had food I saw she brought me a tray of food ! I was I heaven. They gave me a damn turkey dinner. I could of eaten the whole thing! But I didn't I refrained my self because like most women TMI I was scared of shitting everywhere when the time came to push my baby out. ( I didn't btw yay me ) Anyways the food was so good I was so happy!

(Thank you to all my visitors sorry I wasn't more upbeat I was unfortunately having a rough time..)

4 am the 18th and still no progress made it 2 cm.. barley .. Ugh stubborn body and baby. Pain was starting to get too uncomfortable. Nurses advised I should go ahead with the epidural because it would help lower my blood pressure and it would relax me and hopefully help the labor accelerate.
So I called me nurse told her I would go ahead and get the epidural. Tears again because, Well I have no idea why I was just fearful to get the damn thing. I was scared it would be painful I was terrified I would jump as they were sticking me with the needle. I was upset my husband couldn't stay in the room with me while it was happening. But I was also scared of the pain if I didn't get it. I was just over all a chicken shit and just stressed about how my labor was turning out .. I mean I didn't make a birth plan because clearly things never go as planned. And I just wanted to go with the flow and do whatever in the moment that would be best for myself and the baby.

The epidural was honestly not as painful as I expected. It was uncomfortable the way they make you sit on your hospital bed and hold a pillow over your huge pregnant belly. The feeling of the fluid going up and down your spine was very interesting, And the amount of tape the anesthesiologist puts on your back to secure everything was insane. Shortly after I started feeling numbness throughout my lower body and legs. Heavy, insanely heavy my legs felt like weights. But the pain was less intense. Feeling relieved I started to relax a hope that this would get labor going ... It didn't..

Cat naps through out the morning.. Feeling frustrated and let down. I was terrified I was going to have to go under and have a cesarean. That afternoon my dr had come by to check on my progress since the dilation had no progress since the last check she decided it was time to break my water but right before she attempted that route it happened all on its own. Water was broken finally some hope to get things going ! It felt so gross like my bladder had exploded.. Pregnancy is so beautiful hahah 

Later that afternoon another check.. Still nothing. Tears and frustration but we were still waiting still hoping something would happen. I ended up falling asleep maybe about an hour not much longer. Poor Zach was passed out on the uncomfortable couch they have in the room. I woke from my nap and started to update this blog. I still have it here written as a draft never posted it because all of a sudden I started feeling pressure! I called the nurse it and holy shit I went from 3-9 during my nap. 

I started getting pain my epidural was wearing off, I clicked on the button but it wasn't admitting enough mediation through the line. The anesthesiologist was called and I was given extra meds. 

Shortly after feeling the urge to start pushing.. It's really uncontrollable. Some much pressure down there you really do feel like your going to shit your self I couldn't believe it. Trying to hold it in was the most uncomfortable feeling I've ever felt.. 

Over 4 hours of pushing later. And on oxygen. Zach counting for me while I worked on pushing. Once it got close I allowed my mother into the room. I really didn't want anyone there but Zach but he convinced me, plus I needed a few photos and videos.

I was having a rough time at the end everything was a blur it's still hard to remember everything I was mixing the days and order of events during the whole hospital stay. I believe they started me on magnesium, the medication for the preeclampsia to keep my blood pressure steady and prevent my body from seizuring. I disgustingly and unfortunately had to get a catheter before those meds and the epidural. Basically handcuffed and imprisoned to the bed. So at the end of the delivery delayed cord clamping wasn't an option. The end of the delivery the baby was apparently holding his breath and had trouble breathing because his head was stuck in the birth canal longer than should have. He wasn't crying when he came out. It was pretty terrifying, but the nurses got to work on him and he shared his first cries. Such a relief hearing his little cry. Once he was rubbed down and dad cut the cord he was brought to me for skin to skin. Such an amazing feeling. It's insane how you could have an instant love and care for someone you have never met..

I didn't realize that so many nurses would be present during the birth.. modesty is really thrown out the window.. Its insane how many nurses stick their hands up there. Legs wide open and 20 people in the room.. At one point I believe I shouted why the fuck is their so many people in the room?! Along with This is so fucking disgusting... And yelling at Zach to get off his phone when he apparently wasn't even on the thing in the first place. Thankful for the photos and videos I did get. Didn't take too many I was so swollen from all the fluids and medications they had me on.

I ended up staying in the hospital for 4 days! I wasn't able to shower until the 3rd night. The best shower ever! It is really insane what a woman's body goes through and the changes to bring a baby into the world. Worth it, Just don't look down there for a few days..It was an intense experience but compared to a lot of other women I didn't have it so bad.. TMI- A few stitches and I am half way healed already. Pad Sicles really help ladies...

My mama
Zach's Mama
Zach's gramma 

Overall the hospital visit well services was great. I was anxious to leave but at the same time the nurses were on top of their game and made everything much smoother. Maternity nurses kick ass.

Over 3 weeks old now! Now to find the time to blog about my first month...

Blake Izaac Storer
September 18, 2015
7 lbs 5 oz
21 Inches

Thank you Zach Storer for being the best husband and dad ever! 
I love you more than words can explain.