37 weeks.. Full term. Nearing 38!

I am so READY!

19 days away from the Due Date!

This past few weeks has thankfully gone by fast. Zach will be home in a few days and we will finally be attending a birthing class.. Better late than never. That is if sir Blake decides he will not be making his debut before then. 
I have never felt so anxious and excited in my life, And let me tell you I am not even that terrified anymore. When you tell your mom friends how scared you are in the beginning and they reply with the oh at the end you won't even care you will just want to be done being pregnant. True shit right there. I am ready I don't care just give me that epidural and lets get this done! 
I mean I am a wimp though so I am sure ill be a little bit of a cry baby but whatever..

I can't believe I am going to be a mom.. In a matter of weeks. I mean duh but the thought runs through my mind every day..

A couple of weeks ago our " Aunt Ginny " threw me a little baby shower brunch with some dear sweet friends of hers I've come very fond of. It was so sweet thank you so much ladies for the gifts and the get together. Little Blake received his first tickets to Disney Land! Planning to go right after his first birthday!

Stress Test..

Nothing really exciting or new over the past few weeks... Just waiting impatiently on this baby and for my husband to get home before the baby decides to first. 
I went into the hospital last week and did a stress test to monitor the baby.. This shit is so stressful. My blood pressure has been high past few dr appointments. So DR is keeping a close eye on that. So lucky me gets two dr visits this week. Also did some precautionary blood work.. I will hopefully have the results on this tomorrow. 
I originally went in for the stress test because in my mind I was feeling less movement and wasn't noticing the normal 5 times a day hiccups this baby has been having so better safe than sorry. I went in they hooked me up to the monitor and he has the hiccups.. Making me feel like an ass. Lol
But at least everything was good and I left with a piece of mind. I just can't wait till he is out so that I know he is ok and breathing all the time. I mean I get the comments mentioning oh once he is out you will wish he is back in. Not the case for me because once he is here I will have piece of mind seeing him breathing ok.. This mom shit is already making me crazy. 
Figures though I am sadly this way about my dogs. I get anxiety just leaving them for a day. 
I am stressed leaving them somewhere while I am in the hospital...

Lets see symptoms lately... HOT FLASHES ! UGH! its been awful. It could be 50 degrees in my house and that is barley a comforting temperature for me. I have never sweat so much in my life. 

My acid reducing medication is slowly wearing off. Some nights it works some nights it doesn't. Depending on what I eat... 

My hands and feet swell on and off. Been noticing spots on palms and feet on and off and thats partly why I had to get blood work done yesterday. 

Sleep is back and forth.. I sleep ok some nights thanks to my wedge pillow that fits perfectly under my bump. But it takes me hours to get comfortable and fall asleep. 

Still no sign of stretch marks. Thankfully because all I crave is junk and I hate cooking right now.. I should be making my self dinner right now but I haven't and probably won't.. 

Ive given up on clothes even my maternity jeans. It has been too fucking hot to wear jeans. Only one dress fits me nicely.. So I went out and got some large t shirts and sweat pants. Those are my best friends right there.. Maybe for the rest of the year I should probably get a few different colors. 

Hoping for just one more blog posting then to meet this boy!

PS. To other pregnant mommies out there. These two products really have helped. The wedge for sleeping and once the bump gets too big this support band helps so much. I wasn't able to walk around a lot with out having cramping and the weight hurting me. 
Got them both at babies R us. Totally worth it.