34 weeks

6 weeks more or less!

This is how I have been feeling the past week...


Past couple weeks I have not been sleeping or eating well. I can not stay comfortable to save my life. Nothing sounds satisfying to eat when it does its just junk I crave. My feet are starting to swell and this pregnancy has made me boycott cooking.. To top it off its been hot as hell and I refuse to waste ingredients and money for one person. 

Zach bought me an exercise ball or birthing ball whatever you want to call it. It's supposed to help with aches and pains and luckily so far it has helped with my hip pain a bit, And apparently there are some exercises you can do with the ball. I have yet to start that. This whole pregnancy I was on pelvic rest which meant I was not allowed to exercise or lift anything. Though being pregnant I shouldn't be lifting heavy shit anyways. 
So I feel my weight gain has been a little higher than it should be. Even though my DR said everything is normal, I know I would have less of a weight gain if I was more active. Perhaps 25 pounds rather than 35. But I say screw it I am going to enjoy my self and these cravings while I am pregnant and worry about it after the baby is born. Cravings and hunger are way more intense during pregnancy. I really miss sushi .. I drool..

I've gained about 35 pounds during pregnancy but Ive accepted it. Plus I don't know if my eyes are tricking me and everyone else is just lying to me but I think I look great for a pregnant woman. It has just all gone the Bs. My Boobs butt and belly..
I did read something interesting about where the weight goes its pretty crazy how much the blood volume changes in your body. The volume of plasma increases 40-50% and red blood cell mass 20-30%. Which can be 3-4 pounds of weight added on just from the amount of blood that is increased in your body! 

I think thee breast guesstimate of weight is way off for me.. Im not sure they make a bra big enough for me anymore.. and I don't see the ass listed on this diagram. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe of underwear because my ass was basically eating and tearing all of my undies! ha TMI 

So I follow apps daily on the pregnancy and I have tons of books. And I come across this horrifying photo... People I wish the stork was real. For real... 

only 10 cm.... only.. yuck and ouch!

Why are we wired to want to reproduce and think oh giving birth... As a matter of fact I do not feel that I've actually really put much thought into it before hand other than I knew it would be painful and its disgusting. I was tricked .. Men should go through this. Bet the world would be a much different place. The things we do for love.. Well this wasn't really planned, I mean we wanted a baby obviously but it happened so fast! Accidents happen.. My ass they do. You people know what you are doing... lol 

I am really excited to meet this baby though I imagine the thought too many times a day. So many things to look forward to! What will he look like, Who will he look like? What color hair will he have? Will he have blue eyes? Just wanting him to be perfectly healthy and happy. Counting the days. My hospital bag is packed for all three of us. Overly stressing about what to do with my dogs. We moved an hour outside of LA and I do not trust any place here in this town nor do they have many options in the first place. Unfortunately playing that by ear.. If anyone wants to watch Abby and Moose let me know ;) 

His room is almost finished. Just a few little touches. The baby's room is the best room in the house. We still have yet to finish decorating our living room and bedroom. 
His bathroom even has more of a theme. Zach picked out a sea life ocean theme for the bathroom. Kid friendly version of course. And now he claims its his and the baby's bathroom and the masterbath is my bathroom.. I'm ok with that. 

 FootBall Position 

Kelsey hating that I dragged her with me..
(Thank you) 

Well I took a Breast Feeding class. Honestly I am so happy I took it. It was very informative. I feel more confident in pursuing breast feeding when this little monkey is born. I have heard many positive and negative things about breast feeding. The negative things I have heard, From what the instructor says are not correct if your in horrible pain etc miserable than something is not going correctly. So the little tips she gave should help if not calling that lactation specialist over right away.
I plan to breast feed for a year at least. After that I might continue to pump but no more boob. Its recommended to wait 4-6 weeks to introduce a bottle and once that happens maybe once a day. Because I would like dad to be able to feed and I would like to be able to prep bottles so that if there is a time I can not get around to just popping a boob out I have bottles. I did receive an awesome breast pump from my insurance but luckily I will be staying home with the baby so I wont have to rely on that constantly. 

I made him try it because I was scared to..!

Zach insisted that I try the machine and make sure everything was the right size. For some reason it was terrifying to me like getting your first tattoo.. I took a video I was dying hahah I think we were both laughing our asses off. Let me tell you its the weirdest feeling ever. Nothing I ever imagined. I actually never imagined using a breast pump. It is insane that we produce our babies main source of food. Better than formula in my opinion I plan to stick through it rather than feed my baby sugary synthetic fake milk. 

I was hoping to take the child birthing prep class but due to Zach having to work out of state that will be on hold till he comes home or not at all the baby might get here quicker than we think. 

I need some pro photos before this baby gets here..

We haven't really had the time to take photos. I would like to but its insane how fast the time is going and how much Zach has been working. Hopefully we can take a few nice shots before the baby arrives...

On and off I was able to wear my ring. Now I give up because I don't want it getting stuck. It barley fits now. I miss it. 

So like I have said already I have been pretty lucky this pregnancy. I had nausea in the evenings in the first trimester and certain smells and foods made me nauseous. That subsided in the second trimester. 
Second trimester it went away and my already occurring acid reflex continued to get worse. To the point in the third trimester I was waking up chocking to acid in the middle of the night. It was violent, The first night it happened I was half asleep still running to the kitchen with an uncontrollable cough confused as to why my throat was on fire. I started grabbing things in the fridge to cool my throat off. Apple Sauce, Whip cream, And milk.. Nothing really helped. A good friend of mine suggested Prilosec. Which has cured me! I take one daily, and I have had no problems! Seriously pregnant friends even if your heart burn isn't bad why suffer a little take this shit its amazing!
Other than the heart burn and lack of sleep I haven't had issues. No disgusting constipation or other horrifying side affects to occur every thing is going smoothly. 

My belly button has become an outie. Ha it's so gross! But I will say no one has a cleaner belly button than a pregnant women hahah.
Hands and feet only occasionally swell. If I am out and about all day. But my lazy ass just eats and watches TV all day. 

I added towels and puppy pads to my bed I feel as if I should have them all over the house in the last few weeks because who are we kidding.. Water breaking... Eww I don't want that shit all over my bed, couch or floor. Ill just stop right there. 

Anyways almost done cooking. Thank you to my wonderful husband who works his ass off and supports me and loves me so I can enjoy my pregnancy at home and my first few years of motherhood. 
Forgot to mention the strong kicks this baby shows me. Most active in the evening when I am trying to get comfortable to bed. I feel hiccups several times a day especially after I eat. If I lean my arm or hand on my stomach he kicks it away. Apparently he does not like to share the limited space he already has. 

It is so insane to me to think and say out loud that I can not wait to meet someone that is growing inside of me, and how do you love and care for someone you have never met. I am just growing this human and find so much attachment already!

Thank you to my mom and rest of the family to giving me a gorgeous awesome baby shower. 
Thank you to all who have been there for me and supported us and showered us with gifts and love. We are so excited to be a family of 3 but + 2 because I don't care what anyone says I love my damn spoiled dogs.