31 weeks.. BABY SHOWER !

9 weeks more or less...

So this past week was my shower and I was so lucky to have my family throw such a beautiful party and everyone that came gave awesome gifts and it was just fantastic. Thank you thank you!
I just wish it didn't go by so fast and was not so over whelming. To top it off with all these pregnancy hormones I was practically crying the whole time or holding back tears.
The tears were flowing during the gift opening.. everything was just so adorable..

I can't get over the fact that I will have a new born in my house in 9 or so weeks..

Some photos from the shower. 
Unedited too impatient to wait

Everything turned out beautiful !


Books and more books!
( I have the best husband ever )

My favorite book right here!

Anyone who wanted to decorate a square was welcome to
These will all soon be put together to make a quilt for the baby!

The shower was awesome. It couldn't have gone better. It was great to spend the time with family and celebrate. 

Well I guess we have confirmed the baby's first name.... Now just working on the middle. I think it will come to me when I meet him for the first time. 

Dad tattooed the baby's name on his arm already!

A few days before the shower. We planned a 3D ultrasound for the grandmas and family to see the baby. We were also able to play the DVD we received of the whole ultrasound at the shower. Which turned out great and guests seemed to enjoy it. It is unbelievable how much detail and how far technology has come. 
He already has adorable chubby cheeks. 


He had his feet up by his face almost the whole time. Its crazy I don't know how they can be comfortable in there all squished and running out of space. At one point the umbilical cord was right in front of his face and we caught a photo that made it look like he had a mustache !
Just so excited to meet him and see who's features he has more of and what color his hair is. 

Heartbeat bear

We received a bear at the ultrasound that has his heart beat recorded inside the bear its so sweet. 

So far everything is really good. Another Dr appointment tomorrow and I see the specialist as well tomorrow to hopefully confirm that the placenta has moved up in the right position. 

A little swelling is starting. I decided to take my wedding ring off last night before my fingers get too swollen and it gets stuck. Feet a tiny bit swollen, It goes away when I put my feet up. Though all of my eating habits probably have a lot to do with it. Being back home and visiting family I swear all I do is eat eat and eat and then snack. Damn that cake was good too. 

My acid reflex was absolutely horrid this past month and week so far the only horrible thing I have had to deal with thus far. Prilosec really helps! I haven't had an issue since I started taking it. Good bye to waking up choking on stomach acid. 

Ready to go back to wearing normal clothes and get some better sleep but who am I kidding I know Ill have less sleep once the baby gets here. But I defiantly think I will not miss his head digging into my ribs and the times he kicks me in the bladder. 

Pregnancy is defiantly an interesting experience...

The dogs enjoying a swim at grandmas

My sister and step mom crocheted these!!