30 Weeks!!!

Today makes it officially 30 weeks! Meaning in 10 weeks more or less baby Storer will be here!

28 week belly bump 

This whole experience has flown by. I haven't had the time to even give this blog an update in several weeks.
Moving and family visiting has taken up all of my time. But I am very grateful for the changes that have been happening...

Zach and I toured the hospital last week. It was very informative and at the same time scared the shit out of me. Half the tour I was holding in anxiety.. It made this experience that much more realistic. As I was expressing my concern to Zach of how this was making me nervous while the tour group was gathering he totally disregarded me and explained how the nuns were "scary as shit" .. or something close to those words. ( Out Loud ) Being that it is a Catholic hospital you see religious people in their uniforms.. lol. I figured he would get us kicked out of the hospital before the tour even started..
I am very happy with the hospital and glad I chose to stay with my Dr even after moving just under an hour away. So lets hope I make it in time!

St Joseph Medical Center in Burbank is where I plan to deliver. It is a baby friendly hospital which is exactly what I wanted, Which means the baby remains in the same room as the baby from delivery to discharge. Well except the circumcision, But during that process I will be sending dad to follow into that room which he will be able to do.
Once the baby is out skin to skin contact is promoted. When mom and baby are together nurses and Drs clean the baby while on you. They even push to breast feed with in that first ten minutes. If mom has to have a Cesarian then dad will do skin to skin till mom is more stable and focused.
To top is off there is Disney decor in the Labor and Delivery suites! Disney nerd here. Now that baby is here and gets a little bigger I will have more excuses for more Disney trips!

One of my favorite outfits so far. 
Dinosaurs !

The big baby shower is this coming weekend!! So thankful to have my mom and my aunt and In-laws help get everything together. I am so excited to see all the friends and family who will be coming to see me and the hubs and celebrate !
I am so ready for the baby to be here. At moments I feel I can wait a bit longer but I am already uncomfortable and ready to wear normal clothes. I want to be able to exercise and eat sushi! I feel I have gained too much weight already. But what am I to do when I am craving cookies all the time and the dr has prohibited exercise.. Man will it be a fun piece of cake trying to work all the baby weight off.. Not. haha Hopefully the breast feeding helps.

Baby Storer guard dogs!

I am still slowly getting things together in the house. We are putting the baby's room on hold till after the shower that way we can see what we get and what is still needed. On top of my fatigue and laziness taking over after I have a nap or two during the day I haven't had much time for the house. 
But it is awesome living in a real house! Zach and I haven't lived in a house since we lived with the parents. Having our own space and yard and garage! Our own washer and dryer its heaven. Past 5 years our apartments in LA haven't been terrible but I don't know if I could go back. I don't miss the laundry mats or sharing walls. 

photo credit : Zach Storer
30 week bump

Thank you husband for the photo. I plan to take more after the shower Ive been slacking on not keeping up with the "bump" Photos. I use to find them a tad gross looking at the bear skinned bellies. 
But its just insane there is a baby in there! I have the line and gross belly button popping out, I just have to document this now. 
I can't wait to meet this little guy. He is very active, As of lately pushing on my ribs and causing pain there. Most active when I lay down for bed. I can never get comfortable because I am apparently making him uncomfortable or getting in his space haha. He sleeps like me already. I think he likes the sound to music. We turn it up for the baby to hear when in the car. 

I failed my glucose test a couple weeks ago.. I am taking the second one tomorrow. Not holding my breath for this one either ha sadly. From moving and becoming lazy and disliking cooking lately isn't helping my case,  and I have developed a sweet tooth well a greater one. I just want to eat cookies and milk all day long. OR have a BBQ Cheeseburger...

We finally decided a name.. Well I shall say Zach decided the name I just cleared it. Now just to decide on a middle name. Zach doesn't like or agree with anything so at this point I have 2 names chosen and I think I should pick whatever I think suits him when he is born...

As long as I have kept away from updating not much more new. Just waiting and getting ready for our trip to Arizona and enjoying living in our new home.. I have been lucky to not really experience real morning sickness. Just those nauseous nights in the first trimester. No new cravings other than I just crave Junk all damn day... I mean hot cheetos dipped in chocolate sounds amazing right now. Can I top it off with a root beer float. Im so not doing that but it sounds AHH mazing. 
My hands or feet have no swelling yet..Thankfully I can still wear my wedding ring. Well as I check now it may be getting a little tighter. 

Pregnancy brain is still oh so real.. I will be doing a simple task or trying to multitask as normal and I start assuming Ive done things I actually haven't. So forgetful.. Its odd its almost like there is this constant fog hanging over my brain just waiting for me to screw something up. 

More updates with baby shower photos and details to come!
This is almost over! Ahhh!

Now to go and eat fruit and not think about cookies..