25 weeks!

Just a few more weeks until the 3rd trimester already! Time seriously goes by way too fast.
Over the past month Ive been dealing with so many changes with my body and pregnancy on top of my dog having a serious injury to having an awful cold for over a week, then prepping to move into a house!

All these distractions and time consuming events are many reasons why I haven't had time to update my blog which is a bummer but oh well..

So far everything is still good. Pelvic rest is continued unfortunately, Which keeps me from exercising, and limiting my ability for my upcoming move.
But I have my awesome husband and great friends who are hopefully still willing to help. Moving is a pain in the ass!

I am feeling moment and kicks more and more every day. Apparently this next few weeks are going to be the baby busiest from practicing all his new tricks. Such as breathing, blinking and maybe practicing playing the drums.. lol

He still loves to kick or punch my belly button! My least favorite, I almost scream out loud every time it happens its such a weird feeling. I have to be honest the first movements. After the butterflies kind of creeped me out. It is so crazy, amazing and creepy at the same time that there is a little human growing inside me. But as time goes I love feeling the movement because I am so paranoid and dramatic its relieving to feel the movement to know that the baby is ok.

My Dr. is pretty awesome she has almost 20 years of experience and so far my experience has been great. She's on top of everything and she has the lowest cesarean rate in the hospital she delivers in. We are moving about an hour away but decided we are staying with this Dr. 
Ive almost gained 20 pounds already !! Yikes.. But honesty I feel great and feel all my weight is just going to my chest and stomach, And its not my fault I am not allowed to exercise right? lol

The husband and I are getting ready to move! So excited but again a pain I wish we could get it over with already. Our apartment currently is just chaotic. Pre packing and slowing trying to get everything done in this 2 weeks that we have left. Especially because he is working non stop with a  rare day off this month. I seriously have the best husband ever and this baby is going to have the best dad ever. We have a one bedroom apartment now and moving outside the city to this just over 1400 sq ft 3 bedroom house with a really nice back yard. I am so excited to now have a baby nursery to decorate!! Some shopping for the baby's room to be done before the move. I really should be an interior designer...
So pictures to come in the future of the baby's room!

I can't see my underwear!! lol just my feet still so far. These changes are so insane. Its amazing that women have been doing this since the beginning. Your body changes so much. Did I mention the rib pain!? I mean jeez I thought I was curvy enough. Apparently not. I have this rib pain from my ribs apparently expanding to accommodate the baby. Makes bras even more uncomfortable. Luckily I am able to relax and stay at home and enjoy this. The enjoyable parts anyways.
Other than the weight gain, I yet to experience any thing swollen. I am still able to wear my wedding ring and my shoes fit me just fine. No stretch marks. Every other night I apply this Mothers Miracle oil or whatever the hell its called. With all these natural oils its supposed to prevent any stretch marks. So far so good.
For cravings nothing in particular that I am obsessed with.. Wait I take that back my favorite right now is BBQ .. Omg BBQ sandwiches and burgers.. Now I might have to take a break to go grab a bbq burger thanks..
I just don't enjoy cooking as much as I used to. On top of my apartment being cluttered I just hate standing in the kitchen I just want other people to cook for me or my husband to go and pick food up for me. Which he really has been doing a lot I feel guilty about but my mind is just FOOD!

I have so much more to ramble about because the weeks I have missed out on updating this damn thing... Next week.

Looking forward to in laws coming to visit in a couple weeks at the new house and my shower next month!! This pregnancy is going by so fast!! Not ready for September/October slow down!!!

-Oh P.S. here is my poor Moose. Who is doing better. He will be getting a back brace soon. He was unfortunately born with a deformed spine. But we will always do what we can to make him feel good and happy. Thank you again so much to all the people who sent kind words and donations to our little mo. It helped so much!-