It's a BOY!

 We are having a boy!! I honestly had a feeling from the moment I found out I was pregnant. A week after discovering I was with child, I dreamt of a baby boy who had the color of my husbands hair with blue eyes and he was a boy. So lets see if my second guess is more or less accurate on which parent the baby look more like. I have a feeling from studying my sonogram photos and watching my little ninja on the screen that he will look like his father. I guess we will obviously have to wait and see. The due date remains the same September 28th.

We, Well myself  I suppose was very excited to capture these photos and reveal to the friends and family who had not yet determined the baby's gender. Zach has been working in Alaska for the past 7 weeks. So I had the opportunity to go out and visit him and see Wasilla, Alaska in person. A reason I have yet updated this blog. Which I am sure I will regret when I go to print it for the baby's book.
Alaska was so so beautiful. Those blue and white mountains in the back ground every where you look. The views were honestly breath taking I just wanted to capture photos of the scenery every where around me all day even though they would come out looking the same it never got old to me.
I was there for almost 6 days. We had sight seeing opportunities on our mini road trip journey of the wildlife and glacier cruise we partook in. Which was amazing. I am very lucky to have witnessed the things we were able to join in on. Whale watching was incredible. Humpback whales, Grey and a whole beluga whale family. Sea Lions joined in as well as otters and a bald eagle baby. But then I got sea sick... So half of the ride I was stuck inside the boat trying not to vomit feeling the baby make my stomach turn even more. But it was worth it. We had incredible food and most of all it was just a great time and experience with my husband.

While in Alaska is when I started feeling flutters and kicks and luckily Zach was able to feel a kick before I had to head off.

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