Yoga pants all day..

17 weeks this week !

I am starting to show and it is sadly hard to get used to this extra weight and roundness. Yoga pants are my best friend, Actually I'm shocked I'm sick of them already. Luckily I have an awesome cousin who has donated her maternity pants and shorts to me. Now I look a little less lazy although I totally am lazy and my day consists of laying, sitting and napping on the couch. But with Unfortunate reasoning this past week I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta. So any physical activities are banned because I get horrid cramping.. I've told several that it's probably the babies fault from being so active and moving like a worm all day. So hopefully it goes back up. It most cases it migrates upwards as the baby grows. If not a cesarean will have to take place.

I'm back in Arizona with my family until I fly out to Alaska next week! Very fortunate to not be working and spending time with my family and relaxing. I drove from LA to Phoenix. I've made this drive at least 100 times by now and it's usually pretty easy but being pregnant plus 5-6 hour long drive = back ache from hell! Not looking forward to the drive home.
My family is cooking dinner for me every night I've been here it's heaven but I swear I'll be a whale by the end of this! A whale with gestational diabetes! Lol

The husband and I will be making our gender reveal video next week and I'm really looking forward to it !
As time goes by it gets more exciting, We have basically finished our registry and luckily receiving tons of hand me downs. Crossing things off the list getting things slowly ready.. Fighting about names a little less. I suppose we might of agreed on a name, other than myself wanting the change up the spelling of the first name we will see how that goes. Pretty sure I'll win ;)

This whole experience so far is surreal. My husband is amazing and my love for him is always growing but with this change we are going through together already it is just intensifying it much more. I am really excited and I adore the way he talks about our baby and the future..