Second Trimester

Today I am 14 weeks! 

It went by very fast so far. I have been extremely lucky,  As far symptoms go. 

Up until the past week I have really only had fatigue and nausea. The nausea only in the evenings at bedtime. No vomit !! Though there was only a couple times I thought I was going to puke. I have though been getting sore hips and ass. Training your self to sleep in different positions is difficult. I usually sleep most comfortable on my stomach which I obviously can not continue. And I do not really care for pillows much not even under my head I sometimes just sleep on the mattress with no pillows so hopefully this gets easier for me. Apparently I am in this pain not only sleeping differently but because my hips are widening ! Ok I have very wide hips as it is by the end of this I am going to be beyond the "Child Bearing hips" point. They will be ready twins. Not. 

My energy has come back some and the nausea almost gone. But there has been cravings galore. ( I LOVE Chocolate milk!!!) Also some dislikes of my favorite foods. And for some reason smells really have gotten to me.  I swear I have the nose of a blood hound. I can smell my arts and crafts bin across my house and everything is sealed in the packaging. I love to eat though I feel I am always hungry or wanting to snack. 

I of course have several favorite foods I can not eat till after birth. Sushi a given. I love Salmon and Tuna. So much I want to eat it raw all the time ! I remind my husband he is picking up sushi for my first meal after birth. 
Coffee I miss sometimes I have completely stopped coffee the day after I found out. I occasionally have a cup. I think this whole 14 weeks, or since positive pregnancy test I have had 3-4 cups of coffee. Luckily the Starbucks by my house is always busy every time I want to go. 

I hardly am starting to show and get a bump until last week actually. I have been trying to do the monthly photos to show progress. But I think possibly like some other pregnant women I am feeling a tad bit unattractive. Beer belly not baby belly! 

I am getting very excited. My last appointment 2 weeks ago we had an ultrasound testing for abnormalities, such as downs syndrome etc. I asked the Dr if he could give me a guestimate on the sex! And well he did he sounded positive but of course mentioned not to buy things yet. But it was the feeling I had in my gut and I am very excited. We told out closest family members and a few friends but we are otherwise keeping it secret until it is confirmed. SO be on a look out for our gender reveal video we will be posting in May! In Alaska I hope! 

Not sure if anyone is actually reading my posts but if you are thank you ! Hope your getting something out of it. My pregnancy dairy will have more posts to come. Starting the first of April I am going to partake in the 30 April writing prompts. Where I will be writing about various topics every day, but I will strive to include my pregnancy thoughts and experiences. 

Have a lovely week!! 


September 28th 2015