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So I've decided to start up a new blog with a new name and basically new everything/website/etsy store. I know I am no Charles Dickens but I've enjoyed writing in this format and updating the very few who read this. I also would like to combine my passion for crafting and photo taking that happens in my household. So stay tuned!!

impossible film for polaroid

Zach has been re teaching me to shoot on a film camera and I will be developing my first roll of film that I have taken photos on since High School. I am pretty excited about it. He takes beautiful photos, Learning from someone pretty great so I might as well take advantage of the opportunity and share the interest. Most of my photos if they even turn out will be of Blake of course. 90% of the Blake's photos are of him sleeping. He is just so damn cute and sleeps like a baby :p .. Zach has a whole book of negatives that he wants to pass down to Blake one day when he is old enough or interested. I am hoping he grows fond of the hobby and wants to pursue it like dad and appreciates all of the photos.


Blake is currently sleeping, We got a late start to bath and bottle time. (Our routine before bed time.) We went and visited dad at set today. Which is always fun. I love seeing Zach work. (Sounds weird) But he is so talented and great at what he does. Not just saying that because I'm married to him, but its true. So much talent. He has recently had a great opportunity to work on a project and pick a great crew of friends. I couldn't be happier.

So Blake is sleeping, A quick up date and I suppose I should get my ass to bed as well..

a tooth a tooth!!

Blake, Blake blake bahhh I really should take a course in writing. I am horrible at starting sentences. Blake has been sleeping half the night in his play pen since we started the bath bottle bed routine. The rest of the night he sleeps in bed with us because honestly lack of sleep defeats me and I become slothful and sleeping and breastfeeding is the easiest multitasking task you could do.
Last week I decided it was time to try the crib again. Which failed because he started teething and stopped sleeping through the night so it has just been easier for my sloth self to have him next to my bed. The reason why it failed the first time is because I am a ridiculous idiot who has watched way too many horror movies in my childhood. I can hardly watch them now I am a chicken.


Stupid ass horror flicks and dumb Internet posts about ghosts and haunting's on a damn baby monitor. It's making it a little hard for me to leave him in his crib alone in his room 5 feet down the hall from my room. Oh the drama haha. But the monitor picks up random sounds and the signal will randomly go in and out. It is a decent quality monitor too so I know that's not that case. Anyways I am never watching horror movies again and maybe I just shouldn't use the damn thing problem solved. 

Blake has a tooth. 
He is grabbing everything within reach now. 
He loves to talk gibberish and squeal!
Bath time still his favorite. 
Big Block Sing Songs and Mickey are his jam.
5 months this week!!

Good night.. After 5 more chores :( 

4 months ish..

He's asleep! Now is the time to shower, eat, Pee in peace or maybe pick up around the house.

The moment my hand touches the shower faucet or the second my ass touches my freezing cold toilet seat I hear crying in the background.. Damn. Guess I'll shower later.
("Did I just hear the shower turn on?')

Ive had a bit of trouble teaching Blake that it's OK to nap alone.. His long naps only occur when I am cuddled up next to him. Don't get me wrong I LOVE to cuddle with my sweet baby. But I'd like to while not smelling like sour old breast milk..

Luckily now that he is practicing sitting up on his own and  can entertain him self a bit. I put his little baby butt in the walker grandma bought em for Christmas. He tries grabbing the creatures on it and listens to the music count and sing ABC's while I shower. Win win.

Ive been meaning to update this thing for the past two weeks, But Ive honestly been lazy and enjoying having Zach home. Also he mostly works on the computer and I hate typing on my iPad. I am no writer at all but this is relaxing. Gives me some time to my self for a moment and helps me remember shit that's happening in life at the moment. #mombrain 

So the 4 month check up and vaccines went quite well this past month. This kid is growing like a weed! Yet another cliche and true saying.. I can't believe my minion is almost 3 feet long! He defiantly didn't obtain that trait from Zach or myself. He is about 17 pounds now. In 6-9 month clothing. I was a little stunned to see that he is in larger clothing than what the tag says but I have a feeling ( slowly realizing ) ha that these tags are incorrect and all the other mommies I know of right now. Their babies are in much larger clothing. Damn clothing industry.. I thought I was set on clothes for Blake until at least he reached a year old but I was defiantly so so wrong. I will be needing to go on a clothing spree for him in just a couple months. Going through the outfits and tiny socks is so bitter sweet. It is a little difficult to get rid of them. I started a box of clothes I want to keep and its already full... Uh oh.. then realizing maybe I do want another... haha too bad we can't pick the sex of our children. But its not in the near future. So if anyone actually reads these and whom ever. The thought of a second child has been brought up but not any time soon and when it does happen that's it. No more. Back and forth I sometimes consider to refuse to foresee Blake being an only child. Growing up I sometimes thought I wanted to be an only child, But for selfish reasons. But over the years growing up I am thankful for the brother and sister I have now. Even though they can be buttheads it's nice to have that friend always there for you. Then I wish I had even more siblings. But I guess my mother isn't a cat haha. 

Buddha baby getting looked over by his Dr. 

I don't know if being a mother has set my standards on situations and things in life to unrealistic proportions, But I had a hard time accepting and picking out a pediatrician. To this day I kind of feel I wish I could change again for the 5th time.. Why is no one good enough? Why am I being such a crazy bitch sometimes. (Who am I kidding ) His Dr now is good. I feel could be better. Most of the Dr's I met were just so cold and short. I am a first time mother this child is my everything they should be a little more sensitive and warm towards my child and my self.. Whatever a topic for another day.

He knows the camera too well at this point.. 

Horrible to admit and confess at such and early age. But Blake actually LOVES Mickey Mouse. It makes me happy. Because I am a Disney nerd and that's putting it lightly. One of my first thoughts from the moment I found out I was pregnant was YES !! Someone to obsess and watch Disney with all day every day. Over time I noticed while breast feeding or changing diapers while catching up on some shows Blake would turn and stare at the TV and start watching TV with me. So naturally I put on Disney or Mickey cartoons and it started there. I put Blake in the bouncer or walker 1-2 times a day and let him enjoy some Mickey Mouse Club House.. He is entertained for at least half an hour. Gold! That's my time to eat shower whatever.. I mean at least it is educational right? Whatever gotta do what I gotta do. 

Watching the Mouse!

I always have too much to type about when I wait so long to update.. So Ill summarize a few things and hope for another update next week. 

Blake can bounce in his bouncer all by him self. He loves to talk during and after feeding. He wants to grab anything and everything and put it in his mouth. I bought a teething necklace and I love it. Its pretty and Blake enjoys it too. Its better than him pulling on my shirt or hair while breast feeding. 

Dad bought Blake matching shades 

My hair is falling out in globs lately..  Its unbelievable. I thought it wouldn't happen to me. HA. I feel like the girl from The Craft. Except I didn't do anything to deserve such a curse. Ready for this faze to be over.
me wah!

But plus side I still am amazed and grateful how much urine my bladder can hold. Not having to use the restroom a million times a day is great!

My upcoming goals -

-Get together with mom friends in real life not via Facebook
-Get Blake back to his crib
-Attempt movie theater with an infant ?

Lets see. Until next week.. (promising my self this time.) 

Au Revoir !!
(Bye for now - In french :P ) 


New Year- full year of motherhood ahead!

These past few weeks I have been thinking to myself that I need to update my blog.. But lately I'd rather clean or be completely lazy and binge watch Netflix. I hate typing on my phone or iPad. When I update this thing I like a real keyboard and this huge screen to look at since I am half blind, and some music.. I haven't updated this damn thing since October!

Cliches are totally true. Time not only goes faster as you get older but it hauls ass when you have a kid. And I am enjoying every second of motherhood. Even the nights he wakes me up right after ( I have finally been able to ignore husband and dogs snores, Because I am unfortunately thee lightest sleeper in history.) fallen asleep .. Eyes half open then his little grin and coos make me smile then we are both wide awake enjoying each others company.

(Starting to sew again. Bandana Bibs!)

Well Blake is almost 4 months! So much has changed within these four months.. He giggles and is very vocal lately. I think he is a fan of his own voice these days. He also has conversations with his stuffed animals at bed time.. He is working on sitting up by him self. He can stand with some help and grab items within reach. His favorite is my hair. Partly the reason why I just chopped it off. Between him grabbing at it and it now falling off because of postpartum I am assuming which sucks, Hair is just every where. As if I didn't already leave a trail of hair behind me like cookie crumbs...

I just ordered one of those trendy teething necklaces moms wear for their infants to slobber all over. I'd say its a great alternative from my hair or my shirt or my arm, hands, boobs and anything else within reach because I've got an early teether here. He likes to gum everything to death lately. He's like a zombie if you put anything near his mouth lately he attacks with sound effects and all. Luckily he has given my nipples mercy. Heaven help me for when he finally gets teeth I just might ban him from the boobs.. By the way it is still going well. Boob all day and one formula bottle a night. To give my self a break and the milk I pump in the evening is the supply I save and freeze. Ive started a great collection in my freezer. Since I am not an over productive cow like I was hoping that's how I am saving some breast milk for this little heifer. I am only making enough for what he needs nothing extra. I have also recently introduced rice cereal to his diet with some breast milk because I figure why not maybe he will sleep a little longer through the nights and learn to eat a little early. He seems to like it most nights. Especially in the bath he LOVES bath time. So kill 2 birds with one stone. Bath and cereal. No mess. He really does love his bath time though. Ive started a routine around thanksgiving he gets a bath and bottle every night then its bed time. It has worked so far. Just this past 2 weeks he has finally sleeping through the night!!! SOOOO HAPPY! Oh how I have missed sleep. Sometimes a full 6 hours it feels great. Because I am obviously not sleeping when he is. Its a great rule to try and follow. Sleep when baby sleeps. Ha. I have shit to do..

Thanksgiving and Christmas we ended up going home for both. It's hard not to see family often. Having Blake I thought before hand it would make it easier on missing the family but that wasn't the case it has made it more difficult. It has made me wish for more family time. But at the same time I enjoy where I am at because Ive become such a hermit and refuse to live in my home town..
The drive was ok. Blake did good only having a couple fits but I can't blame him I wouldn't want to be strapped into a car seat for 6-8 hours that blows..
Left our Christmas trip a little early because the family gave us a present of sickness. Cold with strep for me. Blake so congested he could barely nurse from the lack of air he was barley able to get through his tiny nostrils and Zach a sinus infection. A house full of snot. And its presence still has yet to leave me.. I feel an ear infection knocking at the door now. ..

Few more new things. Blake still LOVES music. New favorites which I not so secretly adore now. Big Block Singsongs, look these cheesy kid music videos up they are ridiculous. I love them.

I am not sure if I have lost all my weight. I now can fit into a couple pairs of jeans I have owned pre pregnancy so that's good I guess. I am not too concerned or in a rush. My husband loves me, What do I have to worry about lol. jk kinda.. Maybe Ill bring my bike inside. Plus I don't own a scale. If I did I would probably be OCD about it and on it multiple times a day talking down to my self.

Oh my husbands love for cameras has grown he is totally OCD about film right now. I love to tease him about it. But its seriously awesome. This boy is going to have so many childhood photos he won't know what to do with them. Every day is documented in photos. But he is so talented and we have beautiful photos. Developed right here in our home...

I am going to wrap this up until next week.. Just blabbing away..
( I need more mom friends to hang out with )

First month of motherhood..

This is still pretty surreal to me. I am a parent. I love it. Cliches are true. I just want to cry looking at him because of the amount of love I have for him is unreal.

Its been over a month already!

We did it though,  Finally starting to feel like I am getting the hang of this. Zach went back to work the week after Blake was born. But I got this! Fortunately he is on a show locally and is home every evening and has a couple days off every week. It has been really nice.

It was the first week that was brutal.. Sleep was non existent. I was hallucinating constantly, Hearing his cries at times he was sound asleep. Luckily my mother was home with us a few days after our homing. She prepared some meals for the coming week and was awesome company. One of my besties Alexis has visited me several times and made me dinner which has been awesome and Auntie Kelsey comes to relieve me so I can get some extra chores done while she spoils my little stinker.

Becoming a mother for the first time isn't as dramatic as most people say. I mean sure my life is totally different now, I am taking care of another human life. The sleeping tale is most defiantly true, I defiantly miss sleep I can never get enough these days. But the can't seem to shower or clean my house thing is kind of a laugh to me. Obviously every one is different but my ass still gets showers daily and I keep my house together. I mean it isn't immaculate as it normally is but it defiantly doesn't look like a pig lives here. That part really isn't difficult. I haven't broke down in complete chaos or lost my mind..

Breast feeding has been a challenge unfortunately. At first it seemed to be going okay. But it is painful. I wasn't producing enough which equals a very unhappy baby on top of his colic issues. I swear we have the gassiest baby that has ever lived. He burps and farts like an adult man. There are times I am laying in bed and I hear the loudest one rip and for a few moments ponder on weather it was my husband or the baby.. It was the baby he just Shart his pants. Thats right this baby sharts him self multiple times daily.. I was never aware something so tiny could projectile shit everywhere... Oh. my. God. I experienced this during one of his middle of the night diaper changes. Quietly changing his shitty diaper ready to get back in bed it happens, I yell "oh my gawwwddd!" Shit every where. On my hands and arm. The changing table. The floor. The bed. The bed skirt. Zach immediately jumps out of bed asking what happened. I tell him. His response. "What do you want me to do?" Umm seriously. haha jesus. Poor guy is so sleep deprived of working and helping with the baby his brain wasn't functioning correctly. Really babe grab some carpet cleaner paper towels help me clean this shit up.. Literally. haha Oh man. I am not ready for more experiences like that. Yet I know they are coming. This little guy can really destroy a diaper. To the point we open the diaper and just decide to hose his cute little ass off in the bath. It's cute even with poop on it!

Anyway I have had to supplement formula with my breast milk until I make more. Which I was very upset about. I did not want formula to be an option. But luckily there is a great brand by Honest. Which is organic and seems pretty safe and great for the baby. He likes it and its honestly been helping both of us sleep. I am also taking Lactation supplements and drinking mothers milk tea daily (which makes your pee smell like syrup. Then I oddly crave pancakes every time I use the rest room) as well as trying to keep up on baking my self lactation cookies. They are delicious. I should market them I feel they are helping and I am tired of making them my self.

We have already had a few outings. I refuse to stay indoors for months straight. I am getting him use to sounds and his car seat. Which he hates. The stroller. Zach and I love to go out and eat that is our thing. Aside from that we pretty much are hermits. But it will be nice to know I can go out for lunch or grab things at the grocery store and not worrying about if he is going to cooperate and throw a crying fit. So far it is going well. I was hesitant about breast feeding in public at first. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I admit I feel like I was going to get detention or something for feeding my baby in a restaurant. But grab your nursing cover throw em on your boob and your good to go! bam! you can go anywhere!
One month check up. Almost 10 pounds !

Love his smiles.. Heart melting.....

My dogs are doing just fine. I hate peoples comments on how Ill want to get rid of them once the baby is here, That is defiantly not the case. I love them so much. Moose is a little difficult at times but not much you can do with an autistic dog. I do feel bad for I can not give them as much attention as I would like, But they have each other and they are still spoiled little shits still getting their waffle with pumpkin every morning. 

First sushi feast!

So over all things are going great and it is not as tough as I imagined it. It isn't perfect, Difficult getting used to the lack of sleep but I think I have got this mom thing down. I shed a tear or two when going through his clothes this past few days, having to get rid of his new born out fits and jammies.
Smiling occurred faster than I imagined it would. This baby LOVES music. We put his jams on, his favorite Rockabye Baby Weezer. Awesome music btw parents. Basically your favorite bands turned into baby lullabies. So then its tolerable instead of some cheesy ass annoying sounding baby music. So I make him dance and he just smiles and smiles. This week he is starting to figure out how to make sounds. It is amazing to witness the firsts. Always looking forward to new firsts as time passes. Everything is going well. Everyone is happy and healthy. Cant wait too see family for the holidays!

our first family selfie
so lucky.


Some products Id like to share..

I believe these are helping. Organic and natural. 

This pretty nifty mobile is seriously awesome. It projects stars on the ceiling and glows and has awesome music for our little music lover. Only complaint is batteries. 

This brand is great. The nipple butter helps so much and the milk maid tea doesn't taste too bad. 

ttfn !

My birth story..

Of what I can remember.
It's already been over 3 weeks since the birth. I'm still replaying and thinking about my whole experience.. Still in awe. I can't believe I have a child..Me a mother1

Thursday September 17th forcing my self to rush and get ready for my routine dr visit because the night before I hardly slept. Blake was most active at night and has been proving that to me now. His days and nights are mixed. Truly regretting not eating a real breakfast before I went to see my dr that morning, Little did I know she was going to inform me Blake would be making his debut that night or the next morning. So we thought..

My blood pressure during the last month of my pregnancy had been up and down. But unfortunately that day it was unexceptionally high. I had developed Pre-eclampsia. High blood pressure and signs of damage or possible damage to kidneys and only cure is to deliver baby or complications can occur in the mother or baby or both.

I was so not expecting this news I immediately broke into tears concerned about the baby and I felt un prepared and of course started freaking out about my dogs. So there we go! My dr told me to immediately check my self into the hospital. ( I am surprised I've remembered this much )
Due Date was September 28th. Few days shy of 38 weeks.

Zach dropped me off at the hospital so I could get situated. Seeing that we had a bit before starting the pitocin he had time to go home get our bags and things situated. So I check my self in and they get me into my room and changed. I meet my nurses start my paper work and the wait begins. They started the pitocin after everything was settled.

no pain yet...

Since we live away from all of our family I luckyily had one of my best friends there for support until husband was back with me at the hospital. Thank you Kelsey!


Zach made it back and we had let family members know what was happening. Our excited grandmas decided to drive down right after work. They made it around midnight and there was no progress in my labor. I was 1 cm when my dr examined me at my appointment that afternoon and still only one that night. Pain was tolerable is honestly just felt like the horrible menstrual cramps I've had in the past. Starving at this point, Hadn't not eaten that day. But my dogs had their morning waffle with pumpkin..Begging the nurses for food every time one would come into the room. Telling me I needed to wait for approval from my dr if I could have some sort of snack. I just wanted anything at that point a few crackers would have been great.. Zach ended up leaving to the cafeteria to sneak me something. 2 peanut butter crackers later and those were the best pb crackers I've ever had! I heard my nurse coming into the room. Trying to hide the evidence that I had food I saw she brought me a tray of food ! I was I heaven. They gave me a damn turkey dinner. I could of eaten the whole thing! But I didn't I refrained my self because like most women TMI I was scared of shitting everywhere when the time came to push my baby out. ( I didn't btw yay me ) Anyways the food was so good I was so happy!

(Thank you to all my visitors sorry I wasn't more upbeat I was unfortunately having a rough time..)

4 am the 18th and still no progress made it 2 cm.. barley .. Ugh stubborn body and baby. Pain was starting to get too uncomfortable. Nurses advised I should go ahead with the epidural because it would help lower my blood pressure and it would relax me and hopefully help the labor accelerate.
So I called me nurse told her I would go ahead and get the epidural. Tears again because, Well I have no idea why I was just fearful to get the damn thing. I was scared it would be painful I was terrified I would jump as they were sticking me with the needle. I was upset my husband couldn't stay in the room with me while it was happening. But I was also scared of the pain if I didn't get it. I was just over all a chicken shit and just stressed about how my labor was turning out .. I mean I didn't make a birth plan because clearly things never go as planned. And I just wanted to go with the flow and do whatever in the moment that would be best for myself and the baby.

The epidural was honestly not as painful as I expected. It was uncomfortable the way they make you sit on your hospital bed and hold a pillow over your huge pregnant belly. The feeling of the fluid going up and down your spine was very interesting, And the amount of tape the anesthesiologist puts on your back to secure everything was insane. Shortly after I started feeling numbness throughout my lower body and legs. Heavy, insanely heavy my legs felt like weights. But the pain was less intense. Feeling relieved I started to relax a hope that this would get labor going ... It didn't..

Cat naps through out the morning.. Feeling frustrated and let down. I was terrified I was going to have to go under and have a cesarean. That afternoon my dr had come by to check on my progress since the dilation had no progress since the last check she decided it was time to break my water but right before she attempted that route it happened all on its own. Water was broken finally some hope to get things going ! It felt so gross like my bladder had exploded.. Pregnancy is so beautiful hahah 

Later that afternoon another check.. Still nothing. Tears and frustration but we were still waiting still hoping something would happen. I ended up falling asleep maybe about an hour not much longer. Poor Zach was passed out on the uncomfortable couch they have in the room. I woke from my nap and started to update this blog. I still have it here written as a draft never posted it because all of a sudden I started feeling pressure! I called the nurse it and holy shit I went from 3-9 during my nap. 

I started getting pain my epidural was wearing off, I clicked on the button but it wasn't admitting enough mediation through the line. The anesthesiologist was called and I was given extra meds. 

Shortly after feeling the urge to start pushing.. It's really uncontrollable. Some much pressure down there you really do feel like your going to shit your self I couldn't believe it. Trying to hold it in was the most uncomfortable feeling I've ever felt.. 

Over 4 hours of pushing later. And on oxygen. Zach counting for me while I worked on pushing. Once it got close I allowed my mother into the room. I really didn't want anyone there but Zach but he convinced me, plus I needed a few photos and videos.

I was having a rough time at the end everything was a blur it's still hard to remember everything I was mixing the days and order of events during the whole hospital stay. I believe they started me on magnesium, the medication for the preeclampsia to keep my blood pressure steady and prevent my body from seizuring. I disgustingly and unfortunately had to get a catheter before those meds and the epidural. Basically handcuffed and imprisoned to the bed. So at the end of the delivery delayed cord clamping wasn't an option. The end of the delivery the baby was apparently holding his breath and had trouble breathing because his head was stuck in the birth canal longer than should have. He wasn't crying when he came out. It was pretty terrifying, but the nurses got to work on him and he shared his first cries. Such a relief hearing his little cry. Once he was rubbed down and dad cut the cord he was brought to me for skin to skin. Such an amazing feeling. It's insane how you could have an instant love and care for someone you have never met..

I didn't realize that so many nurses would be present during the birth.. modesty is really thrown out the window.. Its insane how many nurses stick their hands up there. Legs wide open and 20 people in the room.. At one point I believe I shouted why the fuck is their so many people in the room?! Along with This is so fucking disgusting... And yelling at Zach to get off his phone when he apparently wasn't even on the thing in the first place. Thankful for the photos and videos I did get. Didn't take too many I was so swollen from all the fluids and medications they had me on.

I ended up staying in the hospital for 4 days! I wasn't able to shower until the 3rd night. The best shower ever! It is really insane what a woman's body goes through and the changes to bring a baby into the world. Worth it, Just don't look down there for a few days..It was an intense experience but compared to a lot of other women I didn't have it so bad.. TMI- A few stitches and I am half way healed already. Pad Sicles really help ladies...

My mama
Zach's Mama
Zach's gramma 

Overall the hospital visit well services was great. I was anxious to leave but at the same time the nurses were on top of their game and made everything much smoother. Maternity nurses kick ass.

Over 3 weeks old now! Now to find the time to blog about my first month...

Blake Izaac Storer
September 18, 2015
7 lbs 5 oz
21 Inches

Thank you Zach Storer for being the best husband and dad ever! 
I love you more than words can explain. 

37 weeks.. Full term. Nearing 38!

I am so READY!

19 days away from the Due Date!

This past few weeks has thankfully gone by fast. Zach will be home in a few days and we will finally be attending a birthing class.. Better late than never. That is if sir Blake decides he will not be making his debut before then. 
I have never felt so anxious and excited in my life, And let me tell you I am not even that terrified anymore. When you tell your mom friends how scared you are in the beginning and they reply with the oh at the end you won't even care you will just want to be done being pregnant. True shit right there. I am ready I don't care just give me that epidural and lets get this done! 
I mean I am a wimp though so I am sure ill be a little bit of a cry baby but whatever..

I can't believe I am going to be a mom.. In a matter of weeks. I mean duh but the thought runs through my mind every day..

A couple of weeks ago our " Aunt Ginny " threw me a little baby shower brunch with some dear sweet friends of hers I've come very fond of. It was so sweet thank you so much ladies for the gifts and the get together. Little Blake received his first tickets to Disney Land! Planning to go right after his first birthday!

Stress Test..

Nothing really exciting or new over the past few weeks... Just waiting impatiently on this baby and for my husband to get home before the baby decides to first. 
I went into the hospital last week and did a stress test to monitor the baby.. This shit is so stressful. My blood pressure has been high past few dr appointments. So DR is keeping a close eye on that. So lucky me gets two dr visits this week. Also did some precautionary blood work.. I will hopefully have the results on this tomorrow. 
I originally went in for the stress test because in my mind I was feeling less movement and wasn't noticing the normal 5 times a day hiccups this baby has been having so better safe than sorry. I went in they hooked me up to the monitor and he has the hiccups.. Making me feel like an ass. Lol
But at least everything was good and I left with a piece of mind. I just can't wait till he is out so that I know he is ok and breathing all the time. I mean I get the comments mentioning oh once he is out you will wish he is back in. Not the case for me because once he is here I will have piece of mind seeing him breathing ok.. This mom shit is already making me crazy. 
Figures though I am sadly this way about my dogs. I get anxiety just leaving them for a day. 
I am stressed leaving them somewhere while I am in the hospital...

Lets see symptoms lately... HOT FLASHES ! UGH! its been awful. It could be 50 degrees in my house and that is barley a comforting temperature for me. I have never sweat so much in my life. 

My acid reducing medication is slowly wearing off. Some nights it works some nights it doesn't. Depending on what I eat... 

My hands and feet swell on and off. Been noticing spots on palms and feet on and off and thats partly why I had to get blood work done yesterday. 

Sleep is back and forth.. I sleep ok some nights thanks to my wedge pillow that fits perfectly under my bump. But it takes me hours to get comfortable and fall asleep. 

Still no sign of stretch marks. Thankfully because all I crave is junk and I hate cooking right now.. I should be making my self dinner right now but I haven't and probably won't.. 

Ive given up on clothes even my maternity jeans. It has been too fucking hot to wear jeans. Only one dress fits me nicely.. So I went out and got some large t shirts and sweat pants. Those are my best friends right there.. Maybe for the rest of the year I should probably get a few different colors. 

Hoping for just one more blog posting then to meet this boy!

PS. To other pregnant mommies out there. These two products really have helped. The wedge for sleeping and once the bump gets too big this support band helps so much. I wasn't able to walk around a lot with out having cramping and the weight hurting me. 
Got them both at babies R us. Totally worth it. 

Q&A.. 28 questions answered too many.. with some random funny memes

So I have decided to do a Q&A of the questions I have been asked over this past 9 months of my pregnancy because I am bored and have nothing better to do at the moment..

These are questions I have been asked by friends and family and strangers.. Some of them are eye rollers. 

(These are not in order)

Ill start with this one and it drives me insane this question has been asked the most.. Seriously.. WTH.
( But I still love you all )

1. "So do you think you will have anymore (children)??

Uhh can we get through this first pregnancy? I haven't even finished cooking this one..Let's see how this goes first.
But really .. I don't know. So far even though I have been lucky to not have a completely miserable pregnancy I am not sure I want to put my body through this again. Yes I have heard thee your body will forget and you will want to do it again. Well I guess well see. Plus one is enough.. kids are expensive, life is expensive and the world is fucking nuts. 

2. How did you find out you were pregnant?

I went to the store a Target to be exact and bought a box of pregnancy tests and peed on the test and holy shit 2 lines showed up... haha

Seriously though... But things were happening a little late and for the past week I wanted to smack my husband in the face for no reason.. So I figured something was up. I found out. Came home to tell him. Then realizing I had to contain my emotions and feelings and news because he invited a friend over for dinner. So by the time we were alone I couldn't tell him or record him or reveal to him in any sweet way that we were now expecting, I took a second test to make sure. Then threw the test at him while he was sitting on the couch playing video games.. Repeating maybe its not right. It sucks to bottle shit up like that for so long! Several minutes went by with out any words.  haha And now I think he is more excited than I am. 

3. Do you love the baby?

It is such a weird question and such a weird feeling and thing to explain how you could already love and care for something so much when you have never met or seen the little human that has been growing inside you and kicking the shit out of your uterus, bladder and belly button making you so uncomfortable at times you can not sleep. But yes I suppose I do. I am so excited to meet my son. MY SON! Such a weird thing to say. I am already attached and just want to kiss his face! 

4. Sex questions M Y O B... Sick freaks lol.

5.Was this planned?

Well yes and no. We didn't want to have kids at an older age. But I guess there is never a perfect time to reproduce. Except take my advice try to never get pregnant in the summer time because it is hot and miserable...

6. Can you tie your shoes?

Probably not, But I do not wear shoes with laces. Lately just sandals and flats. I can barley polish my toes. This past week accepted I should give up trying to shave my legs and can no longer see my lady parts. Can this be over with already?!

7. What does it feel like when the baby kicks?

I hate the it feels like gas comparison. Disgusting and so not true. For me anyways. I was almost 6 months before I started feeling anything. It just felt like butterflies. Those sweet butterflies you get when you get your first kiss. Cheesy!! But true. Then once the baby gets bigger it is no longer sweet butterflies but more intense and almost abuse j/k.. kinda haha. Just poke your self hard inside your mouth and imagine that sensation inside your stomach. Kind of what it feels like. The worst though is when you get kicked in the belly button. ugh.. A lot of women claim I will miss this feeling. No thank you. 

8. Is it weird not to get your period?

Gross. But its awesome not having to deal with the horrid awful cramps that have sent me to the hospital several times. Not having to deal with shopping for feminine products every month. It is actually pretty great. But from what I hear it sadly and disgustingly catches up with you after the baby arrives. Lets just pray that I do not have horrid cramps again. 

9. Do you talk to your baby?

I really haven't. The only time I talk to the baby is when he kicks the shit out of me and makes me uncomfortable I just beg to please stop hurting me so I can get some sleep. I sometimes rub my belly and sing if my begging and pleading for the constant thrashing fits in my belly don't stop. The singing sometimes works. I honestly feel kind of awkward though..

10. Have your senses become heightened?

Yes well sense of smell. I can smell everything so well it kind of sucks. I need to wash or throw out the rug in my living room. I actually would like a whole new living room set it smells funny to me. And we are really clean people. I am a clean freak. I wash my couch often.. Ugh smells. 

Sight has worsened. I'm blind. I should wear my glasses more. I even squint when I wear those. 

11. On average how many times a day do you spend thinking about the pain and childbirth?

Too much... Just thinking about the whole experience that is about to come in general terrifies me. It's disgusting, and scary. I do not care what any one says its not beautiful. Like really there is fucking blood and other disgusting shit and pain and ugh.. That is NOT beautiful. I am impressed with my self though over the past few weeks I have become less terrified. I have been feeling confident. I just want to get it over with and hold my baby. 

12. Your having a boy?! Is that what you wanted?

I mean any parent should be happy and excited for whatever the sex of their baby is right? I don't care for that question. But honestly I was crossing my fingers for a boy. Everyone in the family has girls and I feel if I had a daughter she would hate me haha. 

13. How much weight have you gained?

Really leave me alone I look fucking great that's all we need to know. 
My mother asks me this question all the time I just roll my eyes. Boy don't our mothers know what to say to us lol. But almost 40. I'm not ashamed. I am where I need to be and baby is healthy and for god sakes I was banned from exercise this whole time on top of the intense cravings. Screw it I have been enjoying my self. 

14. Are you planning on breastfeeding?

Yes. My opinion and most Dr's. Its healthier. Cheaper. Helps you lose weight and I am sorry who really knows whats in formula. I don't care who was fed formula and turned out fine I am not putting that shit in my child's body unless I have no choice. 

15. Is your husband happy?

Duh, Like I said I think he is more excited than I am. He moved us into a house helped decorate the baby's room. Named the baby. Tattooed his name on himself already. Think he's pretty damn happy. 

16. Are you going to delivery naturally? 

Why people feel the need to know or need a visual of what is or isn't coming out of my vagina is beyond me. If that's what they mean by naturally and most time it is. But I mean yes I would rather that than to be cut open. But Dr's please serve me any pain meds along with the epidural. Wah wah Its so horrible bringing your baby into the world drugged up. I am sorry but what baby actually has the memory of coming into the world let alone complaining oh mom why did you do that? Uhh cause its fucking painful. The more pain meds the better. If I don't remember I am OK with it. 

17. Can I touch your belly? 

I mean immediately and naturally this is offensive because I feel in my opinion just makes me feel like a fat whale,  When strangers ask, And when is it acceptable for a stranger to touch you in anyway. Yet the only response I ever give is yes.. Because I mean it is amazing I have life growing inside me. Family of course I mean they are as excited as you are.

18. How do you feel?

Well that changes every day. Also as time goes. I'm pregnant and almost done so I feel like I am ready  to meet this baby and be done. I would like to have a glass of Sangria along with an Ahi tuna sandwich. Husband if you are reading this don't forget take note Id like this to be my first dinner when I am allowed to eat what I want. 

19. First reaction to finding out you were pregnant?

Panicked. Like I was in trouble about to get expelled from school. I still wake up some mornings and think.. This isn't real.. Oh shit nope its real. 

20. Most common food craving?

Horizons Organic Chocolate milk. Blue Powerade and junk food. 

21. Hardest part about being pregnant?

Pelvic rest. 
No energy. 
Living far from family. 

22. How did you choose your baby's name?

I really didn't. Husband chose it I just agreed. Boy names such no offense. I didn't really care for anything. I last week agreed to a middle name that I don't care for once again. I don't know what to do. It is hard naming a human. I mean I have difficulties naming pets. I once named a gerbil "No Name" Best gerbil ever though..

23.  When is your due date?

September 28th, 2015. 

24. Who will be in the room with you when you go to the hospital. 

No one except my husband. Hopefully he doesn't faint and leave me solo.

25. Are you going to get rid of your dogs?

Why why would you ask that. We freaking love our dogs. No its not going to change. Yes we know we can't kennel the baby. But we might.. jk. 

26. Are you going to baptize the baby?

umm I am sorry but whens the last time you have seen me at church or praised jesus.  lol never. Why would I baptize the baby. I am no where near being a religious person. Sorry. 
I claim no religious beliefs. I just simply am not a believer in religion. The end. 

27. Has your pregnancy changed any relationships with you and your friends or family?

Yes and no. I am realizing who I can and can not count on more in my life though as of recently. Going through such a huge change in my life I see a little clearer who cares to be around more than not. It is a little disappointing, And it's hard to say. Pregnancy is changing some things... With a few people its better a few people its worse. Blah I don't like this question.

28.  Are you staying home with the baby?

Luckily yes and I was able to stay home my entire pregnancy. I seriously have the best husband. He goes above and beyond for me. I am very fortunate. I will be able to raise the baby and not have to hire a nanny or baby sitter. Even though he has a job that causes him to travel at times, I think we are fortunate to have the option at times for myself and the baby to travel where he goes. Also over the holidays in the industry is a very slow time so more time with dad! yay!  

34 weeks

6 weeks more or less!

This is how I have been feeling the past week...


Past couple weeks I have not been sleeping or eating well. I can not stay comfortable to save my life. Nothing sounds satisfying to eat when it does its just junk I crave. My feet are starting to swell and this pregnancy has made me boycott cooking.. To top it off its been hot as hell and I refuse to waste ingredients and money for one person. 

Zach bought me an exercise ball or birthing ball whatever you want to call it. It's supposed to help with aches and pains and luckily so far it has helped with my hip pain a bit, And apparently there are some exercises you can do with the ball. I have yet to start that. This whole pregnancy I was on pelvic rest which meant I was not allowed to exercise or lift anything. Though being pregnant I shouldn't be lifting heavy shit anyways. 
So I feel my weight gain has been a little higher than it should be. Even though my DR said everything is normal, I know I would have less of a weight gain if I was more active. Perhaps 25 pounds rather than 35. But I say screw it I am going to enjoy my self and these cravings while I am pregnant and worry about it after the baby is born. Cravings and hunger are way more intense during pregnancy. I really miss sushi .. I drool..

I've gained about 35 pounds during pregnancy but Ive accepted it. Plus I don't know if my eyes are tricking me and everyone else is just lying to me but I think I look great for a pregnant woman. It has just all gone the Bs. My Boobs butt and belly..
I did read something interesting about where the weight goes its pretty crazy how much the blood volume changes in your body. The volume of plasma increases 40-50% and red blood cell mass 20-30%. Which can be 3-4 pounds of weight added on just from the amount of blood that is increased in your body! 

I think thee breast guesstimate of weight is way off for me.. Im not sure they make a bra big enough for me anymore.. and I don't see the ass listed on this diagram. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe of underwear because my ass was basically eating and tearing all of my undies! ha TMI 

So I follow apps daily on the pregnancy and I have tons of books. And I come across this horrifying photo... People I wish the stork was real. For real... 

only 10 cm.... only.. yuck and ouch!

Why are we wired to want to reproduce and think oh giving birth... As a matter of fact I do not feel that I've actually really put much thought into it before hand other than I knew it would be painful and its disgusting. I was tricked .. Men should go through this. Bet the world would be a much different place. The things we do for love.. Well this wasn't really planned, I mean we wanted a baby obviously but it happened so fast! Accidents happen.. My ass they do. You people know what you are doing... lol 

I am really excited to meet this baby though I imagine the thought too many times a day. So many things to look forward to! What will he look like, Who will he look like? What color hair will he have? Will he have blue eyes? Just wanting him to be perfectly healthy and happy. Counting the days. My hospital bag is packed for all three of us. Overly stressing about what to do with my dogs. We moved an hour outside of LA and I do not trust any place here in this town nor do they have many options in the first place. Unfortunately playing that by ear.. If anyone wants to watch Abby and Moose let me know ;) 

His room is almost finished. Just a few little touches. The baby's room is the best room in the house. We still have yet to finish decorating our living room and bedroom. 
His bathroom even has more of a theme. Zach picked out a sea life ocean theme for the bathroom. Kid friendly version of course. And now he claims its his and the baby's bathroom and the masterbath is my bathroom.. I'm ok with that. 

 FootBall Position 

Kelsey hating that I dragged her with me..
(Thank you) 

Well I took a Breast Feeding class. Honestly I am so happy I took it. It was very informative. I feel more confident in pursuing breast feeding when this little monkey is born. I have heard many positive and negative things about breast feeding. The negative things I have heard, From what the instructor says are not correct if your in horrible pain etc miserable than something is not going correctly. So the little tips she gave should help if not calling that lactation specialist over right away.
I plan to breast feed for a year at least. After that I might continue to pump but no more boob. Its recommended to wait 4-6 weeks to introduce a bottle and once that happens maybe once a day. Because I would like dad to be able to feed and I would like to be able to prep bottles so that if there is a time I can not get around to just popping a boob out I have bottles. I did receive an awesome breast pump from my insurance but luckily I will be staying home with the baby so I wont have to rely on that constantly. 

I made him try it because I was scared to..!

Zach insisted that I try the machine and make sure everything was the right size. For some reason it was terrifying to me like getting your first tattoo.. I took a video I was dying hahah I think we were both laughing our asses off. Let me tell you its the weirdest feeling ever. Nothing I ever imagined. I actually never imagined using a breast pump. It is insane that we produce our babies main source of food. Better than formula in my opinion I plan to stick through it rather than feed my baby sugary synthetic fake milk. 

I was hoping to take the child birthing prep class but due to Zach having to work out of state that will be on hold till he comes home or not at all the baby might get here quicker than we think. 

I need some pro photos before this baby gets here..

We haven't really had the time to take photos. I would like to but its insane how fast the time is going and how much Zach has been working. Hopefully we can take a few nice shots before the baby arrives...

On and off I was able to wear my ring. Now I give up because I don't want it getting stuck. It barley fits now. I miss it. 

So like I have said already I have been pretty lucky this pregnancy. I had nausea in the evenings in the first trimester and certain smells and foods made me nauseous. That subsided in the second trimester. 
Second trimester it went away and my already occurring acid reflex continued to get worse. To the point in the third trimester I was waking up chocking to acid in the middle of the night. It was violent, The first night it happened I was half asleep still running to the kitchen with an uncontrollable cough confused as to why my throat was on fire. I started grabbing things in the fridge to cool my throat off. Apple Sauce, Whip cream, And milk.. Nothing really helped. A good friend of mine suggested Prilosec. Which has cured me! I take one daily, and I have had no problems! Seriously pregnant friends even if your heart burn isn't bad why suffer a little take this shit its amazing!
Other than the heart burn and lack of sleep I haven't had issues. No disgusting constipation or other horrifying side affects to occur every thing is going smoothly. 

My belly button has become an outie. Ha it's so gross! But I will say no one has a cleaner belly button than a pregnant women hahah.
Hands and feet only occasionally swell. If I am out and about all day. But my lazy ass just eats and watches TV all day. 

I added towels and puppy pads to my bed I feel as if I should have them all over the house in the last few weeks because who are we kidding.. Water breaking... Eww I don't want that shit all over my bed, couch or floor. Ill just stop right there. 

Anyways almost done cooking. Thank you to my wonderful husband who works his ass off and supports me and loves me so I can enjoy my pregnancy at home and my first few years of motherhood. 
Forgot to mention the strong kicks this baby shows me. Most active in the evening when I am trying to get comfortable to bed. I feel hiccups several times a day especially after I eat. If I lean my arm or hand on my stomach he kicks it away. Apparently he does not like to share the limited space he already has. 

It is so insane to me to think and say out loud that I can not wait to meet someone that is growing inside of me, and how do you love and care for someone you have never met. I am just growing this human and find so much attachment already!

Thank you to my mom and rest of the family to giving me a gorgeous awesome baby shower. 
Thank you to all who have been there for me and supported us and showered us with gifts and love. We are so excited to be a family of 3 but + 2 because I don't care what anyone says I love my damn spoiled dogs. 

31 weeks.. BABY SHOWER !

9 weeks more or less...

So this past week was my shower and I was so lucky to have my family throw such a beautiful party and everyone that came gave awesome gifts and it was just fantastic. Thank you thank you!
I just wish it didn't go by so fast and was not so over whelming. To top it off with all these pregnancy hormones I was practically crying the whole time or holding back tears.
The tears were flowing during the gift opening.. everything was just so adorable..

I can't get over the fact that I will have a new born in my house in 9 or so weeks..

Some photos from the shower. 
Unedited too impatient to wait

Everything turned out beautiful !


Books and more books!
( I have the best husband ever )

My favorite book right here!

Anyone who wanted to decorate a square was welcome to
These will all soon be put together to make a quilt for the baby!

The shower was awesome. It couldn't have gone better. It was great to spend the time with family and celebrate. 

Well I guess we have confirmed the baby's first name.... Now just working on the middle. I think it will come to me when I meet him for the first time. 

Dad tattooed the baby's name on his arm already!

A few days before the shower. We planned a 3D ultrasound for the grandmas and family to see the baby. We were also able to play the DVD we received of the whole ultrasound at the shower. Which turned out great and guests seemed to enjoy it. It is unbelievable how much detail and how far technology has come. 
He already has adorable chubby cheeks. 


He had his feet up by his face almost the whole time. Its crazy I don't know how they can be comfortable in there all squished and running out of space. At one point the umbilical cord was right in front of his face and we caught a photo that made it look like he had a mustache !
Just so excited to meet him and see who's features he has more of and what color his hair is. 

Heartbeat bear

We received a bear at the ultrasound that has his heart beat recorded inside the bear its so sweet. 

So far everything is really good. Another Dr appointment tomorrow and I see the specialist as well tomorrow to hopefully confirm that the placenta has moved up in the right position. 

A little swelling is starting. I decided to take my wedding ring off last night before my fingers get too swollen and it gets stuck. Feet a tiny bit swollen, It goes away when I put my feet up. Though all of my eating habits probably have a lot to do with it. Being back home and visiting family I swear all I do is eat eat and eat and then snack. Damn that cake was good too. 

My acid reflex was absolutely horrid this past month and week so far the only horrible thing I have had to deal with thus far. Prilosec really helps! I haven't had an issue since I started taking it. Good bye to waking up choking on stomach acid. 

Ready to go back to wearing normal clothes and get some better sleep but who am I kidding I know Ill have less sleep once the baby gets here. But I defiantly think I will not miss his head digging into my ribs and the times he kicks me in the bladder. 

Pregnancy is defiantly an interesting experience...

The dogs enjoying a swim at grandmas

My sister and step mom crocheted these!! 

30 Weeks!!!

Today makes it officially 30 weeks! Meaning in 10 weeks more or less baby Storer will be here!

28 week belly bump 

This whole experience has flown by. I haven't had the time to even give this blog an update in several weeks.
Moving and family visiting has taken up all of my time. But I am very grateful for the changes that have been happening...

Zach and I toured the hospital last week. It was very informative and at the same time scared the shit out of me. Half the tour I was holding in anxiety.. It made this experience that much more realistic. As I was expressing my concern to Zach of how this was making me nervous while the tour group was gathering he totally disregarded me and explained how the nuns were "scary as shit" .. or something close to those words. ( Out Loud ) Being that it is a Catholic hospital you see religious people in their uniforms.. lol. I figured he would get us kicked out of the hospital before the tour even started..
I am very happy with the hospital and glad I chose to stay with my Dr even after moving just under an hour away. So lets hope I make it in time!

St Joseph Medical Center in Burbank is where I plan to deliver. It is a baby friendly hospital which is exactly what I wanted, Which means the baby remains in the same room as the baby from delivery to discharge. Well except the circumcision, But during that process I will be sending dad to follow into that room which he will be able to do.
Once the baby is out skin to skin contact is promoted. When mom and baby are together nurses and Drs clean the baby while on you. They even push to breast feed with in that first ten minutes. If mom has to have a Cesarian then dad will do skin to skin till mom is more stable and focused.
To top is off there is Disney decor in the Labor and Delivery suites! Disney nerd here. Now that baby is here and gets a little bigger I will have more excuses for more Disney trips!

One of my favorite outfits so far. 
Dinosaurs !

The big baby shower is this coming weekend!! So thankful to have my mom and my aunt and In-laws help get everything together. I am so excited to see all the friends and family who will be coming to see me and the hubs and celebrate !
I am so ready for the baby to be here. At moments I feel I can wait a bit longer but I am already uncomfortable and ready to wear normal clothes. I want to be able to exercise and eat sushi! I feel I have gained too much weight already. But what am I to do when I am craving cookies all the time and the dr has prohibited exercise.. Man will it be a fun piece of cake trying to work all the baby weight off.. Not. haha Hopefully the breast feeding helps.

Baby Storer guard dogs!

I am still slowly getting things together in the house. We are putting the baby's room on hold till after the shower that way we can see what we get and what is still needed. On top of my fatigue and laziness taking over after I have a nap or two during the day I haven't had much time for the house. 
But it is awesome living in a real house! Zach and I haven't lived in a house since we lived with the parents. Having our own space and yard and garage! Our own washer and dryer its heaven. Past 5 years our apartments in LA haven't been terrible but I don't know if I could go back. I don't miss the laundry mats or sharing walls. 

photo credit : Zach Storer
30 week bump

Thank you husband for the photo. I plan to take more after the shower Ive been slacking on not keeping up with the "bump" Photos. I use to find them a tad gross looking at the bear skinned bellies. 
But its just insane there is a baby in there! I have the line and gross belly button popping out, I just have to document this now. 
I can't wait to meet this little guy. He is very active, As of lately pushing on my ribs and causing pain there. Most active when I lay down for bed. I can never get comfortable because I am apparently making him uncomfortable or getting in his space haha. He sleeps like me already. I think he likes the sound to music. We turn it up for the baby to hear when in the car. 

I failed my glucose test a couple weeks ago.. I am taking the second one tomorrow. Not holding my breath for this one either ha sadly. From moving and becoming lazy and disliking cooking lately isn't helping my case,  and I have developed a sweet tooth well a greater one. I just want to eat cookies and milk all day long. OR have a BBQ Cheeseburger...

We finally decided a name.. Well I shall say Zach decided the name I just cleared it. Now just to decide on a middle name. Zach doesn't like or agree with anything so at this point I have 2 names chosen and I think I should pick whatever I think suits him when he is born...

As long as I have kept away from updating not much more new. Just waiting and getting ready for our trip to Arizona and enjoying living in our new home.. I have been lucky to not really experience real morning sickness. Just those nauseous nights in the first trimester. No new cravings other than I just crave Junk all damn day... I mean hot cheetos dipped in chocolate sounds amazing right now. Can I top it off with a root beer float. Im so not doing that but it sounds AHH mazing. 
My hands or feet have no swelling yet..Thankfully I can still wear my wedding ring. Well as I check now it may be getting a little tighter. 

Pregnancy brain is still oh so real.. I will be doing a simple task or trying to multitask as normal and I start assuming Ive done things I actually haven't. So forgetful.. Its odd its almost like there is this constant fog hanging over my brain just waiting for me to screw something up. 

More updates with baby shower photos and details to come!
This is almost over! Ahhh!

Now to go and eat fruit and not think about cookies.. 

25 weeks!

Just a few more weeks until the 3rd trimester already! Time seriously goes by way too fast.
Over the past month Ive been dealing with so many changes with my body and pregnancy on top of my dog having a serious injury to having an awful cold for over a week, then prepping to move into a house!

All these distractions and time consuming events are many reasons why I haven't had time to update my blog which is a bummer but oh well..

So far everything is still good. Pelvic rest is continued unfortunately, Which keeps me from exercising, and limiting my ability for my upcoming move.
But I have my awesome husband and great friends who are hopefully still willing to help. Moving is a pain in the ass!

I am feeling moment and kicks more and more every day. Apparently this next few weeks are going to be the baby busiest from practicing all his new tricks. Such as breathing, blinking and maybe practicing playing the drums.. lol

He still loves to kick or punch my belly button! My least favorite, I almost scream out loud every time it happens its such a weird feeling. I have to be honest the first movements. After the butterflies kind of creeped me out. It is so crazy, amazing and creepy at the same time that there is a little human growing inside me. But as time goes I love feeling the movement because I am so paranoid and dramatic its relieving to feel the movement to know that the baby is ok.

My Dr. is pretty awesome she has almost 20 years of experience and so far my experience has been great. She's on top of everything and she has the lowest cesarean rate in the hospital she delivers in. We are moving about an hour away but decided we are staying with this Dr. 
Ive almost gained 20 pounds already !! Yikes.. But honesty I feel great and feel all my weight is just going to my chest and stomach, And its not my fault I am not allowed to exercise right? lol

The husband and I are getting ready to move! So excited but again a pain I wish we could get it over with already. Our apartment currently is just chaotic. Pre packing and slowing trying to get everything done in this 2 weeks that we have left. Especially because he is working non stop with a  rare day off this month. I seriously have the best husband ever and this baby is going to have the best dad ever. We have a one bedroom apartment now and moving outside the city to this just over 1400 sq ft 3 bedroom house with a really nice back yard. I am so excited to now have a baby nursery to decorate!! Some shopping for the baby's room to be done before the move. I really should be an interior designer...
So pictures to come in the future of the baby's room!

I can't see my underwear!! lol just my feet still so far. These changes are so insane. Its amazing that women have been doing this since the beginning. Your body changes so much. Did I mention the rib pain!? I mean jeez I thought I was curvy enough. Apparently not. I have this rib pain from my ribs apparently expanding to accommodate the baby. Makes bras even more uncomfortable. Luckily I am able to relax and stay at home and enjoy this. The enjoyable parts anyways.
Other than the weight gain, I yet to experience any thing swollen. I am still able to wear my wedding ring and my shoes fit me just fine. No stretch marks. Every other night I apply this Mothers Miracle oil or whatever the hell its called. With all these natural oils its supposed to prevent any stretch marks. So far so good.
For cravings nothing in particular that I am obsessed with.. Wait I take that back my favorite right now is BBQ .. Omg BBQ sandwiches and burgers.. Now I might have to take a break to go grab a bbq burger thanks..
I just don't enjoy cooking as much as I used to. On top of my apartment being cluttered I just hate standing in the kitchen I just want other people to cook for me or my husband to go and pick food up for me. Which he really has been doing a lot I feel guilty about but my mind is just FOOD!

I have so much more to ramble about because the weeks I have missed out on updating this damn thing... Next week.

Looking forward to in laws coming to visit in a couple weeks at the new house and my shower next month!! This pregnancy is going by so fast!! Not ready for September/October slow down!!!

-Oh P.S. here is my poor Moose. Who is doing better. He will be getting a back brace soon. He was unfortunately born with a deformed spine. But we will always do what we can to make him feel good and happy. Thank you again so much to all the people who sent kind words and donations to our little mo. It helped so much!-


It's a BOY!

 We are having a boy!! I honestly had a feeling from the moment I found out I was pregnant. A week after discovering I was with child, I dreamt of a baby boy who had the color of my husbands hair with blue eyes and he was a boy. So lets see if my second guess is more or less accurate on which parent the baby look more like. I have a feeling from studying my sonogram photos and watching my little ninja on the screen that he will look like his father. I guess we will obviously have to wait and see. The due date remains the same September 28th.

We, Well myself  I suppose was very excited to capture these photos and reveal to the friends and family who had not yet determined the baby's gender. Zach has been working in Alaska for the past 7 weeks. So I had the opportunity to go out and visit him and see Wasilla, Alaska in person. A reason I have yet updated this blog. Which I am sure I will regret when I go to print it for the baby's book.
Alaska was so so beautiful. Those blue and white mountains in the back ground every where you look. The views were honestly breath taking I just wanted to capture photos of the scenery every where around me all day even though they would come out looking the same it never got old to me.
I was there for almost 6 days. We had sight seeing opportunities on our mini road trip journey of the wildlife and glacier cruise we partook in. Which was amazing. I am very lucky to have witnessed the things we were able to join in on. Whale watching was incredible. Humpback whales, Grey and a whole beluga whale family. Sea Lions joined in as well as otters and a bald eagle baby. But then I got sea sick... So half of the ride I was stuck inside the boat trying not to vomit feeling the baby make my stomach turn even more. But it was worth it. We had incredible food and most of all it was just a great time and experience with my husband.

While in Alaska is when I started feeling flutters and kicks and luckily Zach was able to feel a kick before I had to head off.

#babystorer #itsaboy !

Yoga pants all day..

17 weeks this week !

I am starting to show and it is sadly hard to get used to this extra weight and roundness. Yoga pants are my best friend, Actually I'm shocked I'm sick of them already. Luckily I have an awesome cousin who has donated her maternity pants and shorts to me. Now I look a little less lazy although I totally am lazy and my day consists of laying, sitting and napping on the couch. But with Unfortunate reasoning this past week I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta. So any physical activities are banned because I get horrid cramping.. I've told several that it's probably the babies fault from being so active and moving like a worm all day. So hopefully it goes back up. It most cases it migrates upwards as the baby grows. If not a cesarean will have to take place.

I'm back in Arizona with my family until I fly out to Alaska next week! Very fortunate to not be working and spending time with my family and relaxing. I drove from LA to Phoenix. I've made this drive at least 100 times by now and it's usually pretty easy but being pregnant plus 5-6 hour long drive = back ache from hell! Not looking forward to the drive home.
My family is cooking dinner for me every night I've been here it's heaven but I swear I'll be a whale by the end of this! A whale with gestational diabetes! Lol

The husband and I will be making our gender reveal video next week and I'm really looking forward to it !
As time goes by it gets more exciting, We have basically finished our registry and luckily receiving tons of hand me downs. Crossing things off the list getting things slowly ready.. Fighting about names a little less. I suppose we might of agreed on a name, other than myself wanting the change up the spelling of the first name we will see how that goes. Pretty sure I'll win ;)

This whole experience so far is surreal. My husband is amazing and my love for him is always growing but with this change we are going through together already it is just intensifying it much more. I am really excited and I adore the way he talks about our baby and the future..

Pink or Blue?

Today I had my second trimester check up, And the Dr pretty much confirmed the sex!

I am so excited. I wish I could run out and start buying things and planning more.
We are happy to have found out early since the husband will be out of town for work for a bit and will miss my next ultrasound so we will be updating our registries this week!
I unfortunately will not be stating the sex of the baby in this post. Zach and I, well more my myself are looking forward to making a gender reveal video.

Here is a photo of me 3 months along!

First photo

Second Trimester

Today I am 14 weeks! 

It went by very fast so far. I have been extremely lucky,  As far symptoms go. 

Up until the past week I have really only had fatigue and nausea. The nausea only in the evenings at bedtime. No vomit !! Though there was only a couple times I thought I was going to puke. I have though been getting sore hips and ass. Training your self to sleep in different positions is difficult. I usually sleep most comfortable on my stomach which I obviously can not continue. And I do not really care for pillows much not even under my head I sometimes just sleep on the mattress with no pillows so hopefully this gets easier for me. Apparently I am in this pain not only sleeping differently but because my hips are widening ! Ok I have very wide hips as it is by the end of this I am going to be beyond the "Child Bearing hips" point. They will be ready twins. Not. 

My energy has come back some and the nausea almost gone. But there has been cravings galore. ( I LOVE Chocolate milk!!!) Also some dislikes of my favorite foods. And for some reason smells really have gotten to me.  I swear I have the nose of a blood hound. I can smell my arts and crafts bin across my house and everything is sealed in the packaging. I love to eat though I feel I am always hungry or wanting to snack. 

I of course have several favorite foods I can not eat till after birth. Sushi a given. I love Salmon and Tuna. So much I want to eat it raw all the time ! I remind my husband he is picking up sushi for my first meal after birth. 
Coffee I miss sometimes I have completely stopped coffee the day after I found out. I occasionally have a cup. I think this whole 14 weeks, or since positive pregnancy test I have had 3-4 cups of coffee. Luckily the Starbucks by my house is always busy every time I want to go. 

I hardly am starting to show and get a bump until last week actually. I have been trying to do the monthly photos to show progress. But I think possibly like some other pregnant women I am feeling a tad bit unattractive. Beer belly not baby belly! 

I am getting very excited. My last appointment 2 weeks ago we had an ultrasound testing for abnormalities, such as downs syndrome etc. I asked the Dr if he could give me a guestimate on the sex! And well he did he sounded positive but of course mentioned not to buy things yet. But it was the feeling I had in my gut and I am very excited. We told out closest family members and a few friends but we are otherwise keeping it secret until it is confirmed. SO be on a look out for our gender reveal video we will be posting in May! In Alaska I hope! 

Not sure if anyone is actually reading my posts but if you are thank you ! Hope your getting something out of it. My pregnancy dairy will have more posts to come. Starting the first of April I am going to partake in the 30 April writing prompts. Where I will be writing about various topics every day, but I will strive to include my pregnancy thoughts and experiences. 

Have a lovely week!! 


September 28th 2015

Announcing to the family..

It was an early announcement. But we live out of state away from our family.. We are from Arizona but currently live in lovely Los Angeles.. I say that with sarcasm.
So we had to travel to Arizona at the end of January anyways because my husband had a job in Phoenix. He is a freelance Camera Operator.
Anyway so we told them early because we did not know the next time we would see everyone in person and wanted to tell them face to face rather than online or over the phone.

So I made all the grandmothers and aunts in the family a little pin to surprise them and announce the pregnancy and while they opened their gifts we secretly recorded...

Here is a photo of one of the pins and a link to the video below.

First Post

I am not great at writing. That is an understatement. I suppose I should have paid attention in English and Language Arts a bit more in school but apparently I was too busy being a brat. 

I decided to start a blog. I feel a tad odd and embarrassed doing so. Not that I will have tons a followers or readers. I just thought it would be a neat idea to express my feelings and experiences in a blog since I have found out I was pregnant. 

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and am ready to share my experiences and stories. Not just hoping for people to read them but just to have more of a reminded detail of everything I am about to experience. To also share with my child one day...