My baby isn't quite a baby anymore..

It's been over a month now that Blake got his "Big Boy" bed. Transitioning him to a twin bed was decided when he started using his crib as a jungle gym. Even with the crib bumper he constantly kept putting his legs between the slats getting them stuck and cry screaming about it. 

A tad nervous to go ahead with this venture, Considering he is not quite 2 years of age yet. Topping it off we live in a two story house. But fortunately he hasn't figured out how to open his door yet. I am assuming it's right around the corner since he can reach the door knobs just fine. 

It was bittersweet saying good bye to his crib. My baby is a toddler now. A heavy one. That soon I won't be able to carry around. Which brings a bit of sorrow. 

So I went in search of a twin bed. I opted for the twin instead of the toddler bed to save the time and money, Of having yet again to buy another mattress and sheets etc. But I wanted it to be something fun. A way to make bed time enjoyable. So what more could a little boy who is obsessed with cars love more than a Race Car bed. 

He loves his bed. I haven't had one issue yet. He sleeps in it no problem. Unfortunately still attached to a nightly bottle. I just hand him his milk and blanket, Put him in his bed and he rolls over and goes to sleep. When the morning rolls around his first word, "CAR!!" Then continues to point to his bed and everything else "CARS" in his room.

My baby is almost TWO!