One Sick Baby ( And an exhausted mama )

So for the past week I have been nursing my 10 month old, (But what seems like a newborn lately for how attached he has been with me.) Back to health...

Last week I was impatiently anticipating Zach's grandparents coming to stay with us for a few days. They so nicely drove down to visit and watch Blake, So that mama and dada could go to a concert. Which I was SO excited for. I had been looking forward to it for months.

Zach has been working his ass off, Traveling back and forth a lot lately. He had it arranged to fly in super early the day of the concert so that he wouldn't miss it. So he was extremely tired. The night before Blake had a fever at bed time. The same night the grandparents came in. UGH. What the fuck do I do?! I have to admit I was a little panicked. This was Blake's first fever.. Well he ended up in my bed all night. I slept like total shit. Decided I was going to call the DR. first thing in the morning. Well his fever was gone that next morning. But I took him anyways. Typical over dramatic, Paranoid First Time Mama here. But I didn't care. Better to be safe than sorry right. (Not a question) 

I wasted a co pay, For what I already knew she was going to say.. But it still gave me some relief. She said the fever was probably a symptom of teething. (Even though I haven't seen any cut through yet.) But to keep an eye, yada blah blah.. All was well. His appetite slowed down a little. But no fever. So Dad got home and we got dressed and decided to go to the concert. 

The only picture we took and its not very good :(

The only picture we took and its not very good :(

I LOVE Modest Mouse. Best band ever. I could listen to them every day. Sometimes I do. We have seen them live many times. Partly the reason why Blake's middle name is Izaac. Just fancier with a Z. Seeing them this time was different because it was in a bigger arena than we are used to seeing them. Plus I guess I am just too old to go to concerts anymore because everyone around us was just obnoxious and a drunken teenager? I guess I am dramatic and boring. Also I don't drink. Yeah I know but I'd rather spend my money on a more exciting hobby, or I prefer retail therapy. Anyway the concert was so so. Still love the band. But I prefer a smaller venue and a night they are not having sound issues..  

On the way home, Grandma informed me Blake's fever was back. He was awake when I got home and not feeling well. My poor baby was so warm . So for the next few days it was up and down. Mostly just the fevers at night. It never reached over 101, So we did our best to keep him cool and make him comfortable. But he lost interest in food. Only thing I could get him to eat are the fruit pouches. He was drinking tons of water. Sleeping more. And a few other symptoms. Which led us to another dr visit. I explained my concerns and listed his symptoms and she decided we go ahead and order Blake's blood work early. Because apparently at the 1 year check up it's a mandatory thing.. I had NO clue. Oh my god. It was brutal. I held back tears. I don't know how those techs draw blood from babies on an every day basis. But It was rough. As he was screaming I tried to comfort him as much as possible. Just over all, it was a horrible experience. I am just so happy it is over. The next day we received all of his results, And well he is perfectly healthy !! 

Poor little bandaged arm. They ended up poking both arms :(

Poor little bandaged arm. They ended up poking both arms :(

Since his mystery sickness occurred it has totally screwed his sleeping patterns. I am back to getting only a couple hours of sleep at night. I guess since weaning him from the boob hasn't helped the situation. Because the only time he ever wanted it in the first place was at night. So have to restart the whole sleeping situation because I am about to lose my cool and being a mombie sucks.. 

Over all this past week has been a bitch. With dad gone and Blake going through these sleep changes has been rough. There was a fire out in the area the week before that became pretty serious to the point I couldn't leave my house because of all the smoke in the air. My house was smelling like a damn BBQ. But Blake is well now. Eating what Mama is eating because I don't know? I guess its a faze. Ive basically been cutting up small pieces of what I am eating for him anyways. This boy loves to eat. He has been such a cuddle bug, But I love it. My little mamas boy. He is handing out kisses like candy. To me, The dogs and all of his toys. 

Looking forward to dads arrival home and a few mini vacations in the near future !