North Carolina

It's both a positive and negative thing, Being a wife of a camera operator. Who travels constantly in his career. The negative obviously, Traveling continuously with time apart as a family. Which is rough, But we get through it and I suppose sometimes it only makes us grow stronger. Some of the positive perks, When it is possible. The whole family gets to come along for a little adventure.  

This time Blake, Myself and our cat Kyle flew to into Raleigh, North Carolina. I've never been to NC. So happens we landed into a snow storm. I had never witnessed snow falling like it was that night. Ive actually only seen snow just over a handful of times. Driving to see it on mountain sides to go sledding for a day..

Our what was supposed to be an hour drive West, To the hotel turned into over 2 hours! Driving slow in the snow, Pretty but a tad freighting at the same time. Because of the snow and delays in every corner. It caused a setback getting our luggage. Which didn't show up to the hotel till the next morning. Having to make do with the few diapers I had for Blake and myself using Zach's clothes to sleep in was a pain in the ass... But luckily hotels usually have extra toothbrushes!

After getting settled in the next day Blake and I were able to visit Dad, And the crew on set. That was on a family's farm/Zoo. We were very fortunate to meet some amazing animals. We ended up visiting nearly everyday around lunch time. To spend obvious time with dad, And to get out of the hotel room. Which I must state, I am thankful to have had the time away. Not worrying about cleaning my house. Cooking full meals. And feeding the Zoo of animals I have in myself. Just overall running the house and less chores was a vacation all in itself. 

I ended up making mini videos via Instagram while spending days out at the farm and the days we had off with Zach. So I turned them into a few compilation videos to share with family and to post on this blog. Also with tons of pictures of course. 

On Zach's day off we decided to make a day get out of the hotel and visit the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knolls. Anything animal related is our jam. There was also an awesome trail and playground outside the aquarium. I think it was my favorite part. The three of us had a great time. After the aquarium visit. We had lunch on the beach that we visited shortly after, Because well Blake had to put his feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Followed by collecting as many seashells as possible and seagull chasing. It was really beautiful out, A perfect day. The East Coast beaches in my opinion the ones I have visited, I prefer them over West Coast. 

Overall the trip was a great time. I am very grateful and thankful for the opportunity. Also A HUGE thank you to my house sitter who took great care of all my animals. After nearly 3 hour delayed flight home. Releived to be home but missing my husband. Check out the videos and photos below ! 

First day of North Carolina Adventures

Pinetops, North Carolina Day 2 of Adventures

Day 3 of Adventures in NC with Dad

Last day of Adventures in NC