Hey it's me.. that crazy woman with the wild spoiled toddler and too many animals. 


Not really sure why I have neglected my blog. I use to LOVE doing it. There was some sort of relaxation and enjoyment out of it just venting and bitching about life. Believing people actually read this and can relate.. I had a dear friend call me this morning and ask why I haven't been posting anything. I had the same question for myself. Thanks girl LOVE YOU!

Anyways a New Year and New Goals to attempt. 


Update my blog more often

* Because I have been neglecting it*

Keep in touch with my favorites

* Another obvious reminder, It's hard to find good friends. Be thankful and keep in touch with the ones you have..*

Eat Better

* I suppose Mcdonalds isn't helping anyone. Those damn nuggets are addicting am I right? *


* Because Fast Food.. I need to dust off that bike I have in the garage *

Read more

* I use to be a book worm *

Get my kid an agent

* He's a natural, So outgoing and would work well with anyone. Plus I need help paying for his Disney trips and car collection  *


* Truth.. I stress too much and overthink everything. No amount of meds is helping I am noticing. *

Potty train Blake

* Why must he be SOOOO Stubborn with this? Running around with shit in your pants doesn't sound nice at all ..*

Go on a vacation with my husband

* Because we have never had a honeymoon, Wedding or real proper vacation together *


2018 goals.. 

I'll be writing again soon.