The Menstrual Cup

Updating my review, On the Menstrual Cup.


Click to find out more and learn where you can purchase!

Click to find out more and learn where you can purchase!

This so called menstrual cup, Also know as “The Diva Cup” The brand I decided to attempt this whole monthly visit with..

It honestly has changed my view of “Shark Week” a tad. 

Before you comment, or instantly feel squimsh or grossed out. Take a deep breath.. and get over your self. All of us women who have to tolerate “Mother natures gift” Might as well be able to comfortably discuss it, And share things such as this cup. Hopefully making it less irritating. 

If you haven’t already done the research your self, The menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product. Like a tampon or pad. Made of silicone. Inserted like a tampon to catch and collect the monthly "Crimson wave". Then once removed, you can empty, Wash and reuse! 

So yeah you see this cup and think “Wtf, Gross” She’s sticking a cup up there?! No Thanks..Well you stick tampons up there don’t you?.. If not uhh.. Side note, Apparently great for those who only use pads as well.

I wish I heard about this invention years ago.. Because I’ll never go back to having yet another reason to run to Target every month. Saving money on my RedCard instantly right here lol. 

I was reading news article about "The Red Baron". On the Huffington Post, How these cups are changing the lives of women in East Africa. Not having access or the funds to their sanitary needs every month. With that set back also sacrificing missing work, School and daily activites. Reading about these young girls having to sacrifice school days and their health for that matter on top of being bullied. You can click here to make a one time donation like I did. 

So continuing facts of this amazing invention, The life span of the cup can be up to a year or longer! Depending on the factors of each woman using the cup it varies. But it is advised you replace it yearly. 

You can wear them ALL day with out having to worry about it. NO TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) worries. That being said they do absorb more. Saving you time and annoyance of constantly having to go to the ladies room. 

Not having to bring that box of tampons or pads along when traveling is also a huge plus. Brings me to answer a common question of how to clean on the go? I use baby wipes. You can buy a specific cleansing wipe through whatever brand you decide to buy. But it works. 

Unlike tampons and pads the cups contain no harmful substances. No chlorines, BPA, Fragrances or adhesives, And god knows what other chemicals are put in the products. 

Tampons also cause that awful dry uncomfortable feeling sometimes. Because tampons absorb every bit of moisture around them it extracts the healthy bodily fluids in that area. I have also read it reduces odor conditions that menstrual cycles come with. 

One of my favorite reasons about making the switch is that it is helpful to our environment. Using this reusable and recyclable cups help reduce landfills.

Now lastly my HONEST experience. But please don’t let this turn you way from trying it out your self. It takes a few times or more to learn how to insert and create the “suction” type reaction. Because if you do not get that part right Leakage can occur. For me, Even when I think I achieved that goal I sometimes haven’t. Maybe I was in a hurry, or my child was distracting me and not giving me my privacy in the restroom 100% of the time. So I buy panty liners. JUST IN CASE. I have been team Menstrual Cup for over a year now, And Ill never 100% never go back to tampons. Its just way more comfortable and reliable. Another note, their are two sizes to consider when purchasing the cup. Women who haven’t given birth and women over a certain age and who have. I would defiantly advise researching ways to make the process easiest for you. I watched awkward YouTube videos. Oh and I liked to talk about it with my husband making him uncomfortable and awkward lol ..