4th of July #ihateyou

I never really minded the 4th of July. Same thing every year, Whatever, Yeah and so What fire works. ( I like them at Disney Land, Who doesn't? ) But honestly, It wouldn't break my heart even a tiny bit, If fire works were banned forever. 


Well, I am repeating myself. But now as a parent and an owner of two chicken shit dogs. I honestly kind of despise this holiday.. I suppose I wouldn't mind it so much if people didn't continue blowing them up after hours scaring the  piss out of my dogs and waking my baby after a long day and a challenge to get him into bed. Just ugh.. Annoying end rant. ( about fireworks anyway. )

Well dad is traveling again for work.. Leaving Mama and be'be' alone this long holiday weekend. All of my LA friends have their families gathering together and or traveled for this holiday. So Blake and I are just kicking it here at home. Trying to prevent the dogs from committing suicide. ( Damn Fireworks! )   


Writing this before the 4th. Now day after. Just happy it's over. Luckily the wind picked up last night making it hard for people to light the damn things. So I wasn't up too late. Blake and I stayed home. He played as a did chores. The highlight of my day, Blake finally laid down for his first nap without fighting and throwing a fit. It was a miracle. Meanwhile I was able to get more chores done. This week my house received a spring cleaning. I've been feeling accomplished Af this week. Go me! Refused his second nap, Meaning I wasn't going to be able to cook myself dinner. I put Mr. Cranky Butt in the car and went to a drive through. Car rides tend to calm him down sometimes. If they aren't hours long. Had some dinner. Took him outside a moment to glance at the fireworks. He wasn't having it, So bedtime. What an exciting 4th! #momlife 

Anyways hope everyone had a Happy 4th! 


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