So I started a little business..

So this past year, Even more so after our big move into our first home. I was continuously conjuring ideas to remain home with Blake and help with our new mortgage too. 

Not sure why I didn't consider it sooner, But after seeing a close friend of mine rake in some dough for watching dogs in her home. It became clear to me that I had the knowledge and love for pets, So I would pursue it myself. We have space in our home. Not a ton, but enough to take in a few pets at a time. Those who know me, Know I have the experience and knowledge to do so. With several years under my belt of working in vet offices etc.

So I joined Rover and Dog Vacay. Which now are conjoined. Starting building my clientele. It has only been a few months, But so far I have a few regulars. I also ended up joining WAG. Another pet service company. But focuses mainly on walks. So on days that I have a sitter. Mostly when Zach is home from work. I will venture out on dog walks for the day. Which basically is a win win. I get paid to hang out with random dogs, And get some exercise and fresh air myself. I can make my own schedule. It's actually pretty amazing.

Continuing on, In the process of updating our yard to make it more dog friendly. That is slowly happening but getting there. I also have obtained my business license and made business cards. As well as being YELP official. I decided to make my blog website my business website since I enjoy my blog and didn't really feel like paying for a new website, Domain etc. So Mama To Blake Blog now Shares with Mama to Blake Dog Boarding!

Hoping that I can continue building my clientele so that I can stay home and care for my son and never miss a milestone he crosses. 

So if you have a moment, Help this mama out please? Head over to my YELP page. Give me a review or just comment on how awesome I am. I would greatly appreciate it!

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