All about the boobs. I am almost free!

My goal originally was to breastfeed until Blake turned one. Not exactly on the day, But a year of committing to breastfeeding seemed like a pretty good goal. I even contemplated going over a year if he chose so...(haha not now) OH The days of being in public, Your child cries and you shake each boob to see which one is more full.. 

Well my little monster now has 6 teeth. 6 teeth by 10 months. I am tired of those teeth snapping on my nips and rubbing them raw. In the beginning when he would snap on me, I'd shriek really loud to scare him hoping that he wouldn't repeat the incident. But that only lasted for so long. It happened often so with that I am just ready to be done. I still feel successful, 'Ive gone for what will be over 10 months. I honestly can say that it really is not myself who initiated this process in the first place. Blake LOVES to eat. He loves his Puffs and fruit pouches and basically anything I put on his tray. He doesn't even try lifting or pulling my shirt to expose his "lunch buckets" anymore.. So over the past 2 months he has been nursing less. Actual food is more interesting and more filling than moms boob juice. So it started out where I would nurse three times a day, So I wouldn't get too full and leak. Then to once in the morning after he wakes up and then at bed time after he had his bottle. Because another thing I discontinued was pumping. So down to twice a day. Then to once a day. Now any day now, no more child attached to my nips. 

The pros of breast feeding an infant, In my opinion was the fact that I didn't have to pack bottles and worry about buying formula all the time. When he was hungry, I just whipped a boob out and bam. No clean up or supples needed. "I make milk what's your super power?" (mooooooo! Lol)  Also you can nurse and lay down and even sleep and nurse at the same time! I am aware nursing and sleeping at the same time is frowned upon, Due to some people rolling on their children or the child suffocates. But I am a light sleeper, And I honestly, Shaking my head.. I mean come on people. Common sense with caution. 

You can multitask when breast feeding!! So convenient. Though often I'd look down and my nursing baby would have crumbs all over his face of whatever I was eating..EATING, ALL DAY. You thought you were hungry when you were pregnant, Oh that shit gets worse when you are making milk for your infant. Never thought I could eat so much in my life,  AND With the power to burn it all off without even exercising was magic. I'm really going to miss that part. ( Meanwhile my bike and exercise area is collecting dust..) TV watching, Blog writing, all While my kids on my boob.. getting things done!

"Just put a little breastmilk on it" Said almost every breast feeding mother. hahah I mean, Ive read it so many times. How breastmilk can heal cracked nipples at a quicker pace. Or women putting it in their child's ear to cure an ear ache or conjunctivitis. On those situations, Not sure if it actually worked for me. But what did work was using my breastmilk instead of nipple cream. It was more affective than the cream and convenient not having to get my lazy ass up to grab the container of nipple butter across the room. 

Breastfeeding Incidents I won't miss, Because it is true. You do not know fear until you put your nipple into the mouth of an infant with teeth. 6 Teeth mind you, With the moments when Blake would "niplash" ( basically turning his head in the other direction so fast with my nipple still in his mouth, OUCH!) AND During a let down and my milk sprays EVERYWHERE. His face, his clothes, My clothes, Some how the TV remote and even the dog across the room.. wtf. 

Or the, "Oh shit!!" moments, Did I just throw out the trash with one boob hanging out the whole time ? oops.. 

What about, "No crying over spilt milk they said!"  haha F off. Did you pump and nurse for hours to collect that 4-6 oz of milk.. No. Tears every time. hahah Oh the hormones!

I won't miss the tanks and shirts that snap down to expose a boob. I won't miss the breast pads. I won't miss the horrible uncomfortable bras they make for breast feeding mothers. I won't miss that damn pump and washing and boiling bottles almost every day. But I do miss my nice perky boobs. Why didn't I appreciate them more before this. He was right they were amazing.  But I now want to save up for a lift or a job all together haha... Boobs before baby and after. Depressing. 

But over all it is oddly bitter sweet. It's so insane to think for months I was my sons only source to food and nutrition. The connection with him and the nursing cuddles and coos and smiles, I will miss. Nearly a year old. How fast this time has gone. I am proud of my self for going this long and committing to it. Because in the beginning nothing was more difficult. So much pain. Almost worse than birth it's self, Only because labor was only a day compared to the pain of getting used to breast feeding for weeks. There was times I almost gave up. But GO ME! I did it!  Looking forward to having my body back..