My baby is TWO!


September 18, 2015

Blake Izaac Storer

7 lbs 5 oz 21 inches

32 hours... Of Labor.. This kid... Worth it..



Today he is TWO, And oh my fucking god those terrible two's have become a defiant reality for us. 

4 inches shy from 40 inches tall. Also meaning he is close to riding the Big Cars Ride at California Adventure in CARS LAND. 

To say he likes Cars in an understatement. He is totally Obsessed. His first word of the day is CARS! or Vroom!!!  I also haven't helped with the obsession. Cars clothes, Toys. His whole room is cars. His bed is even a damn race car. But whatever right. Its fun. They are only little once.. And it's going too  damn fast.

He is an extremely picky eater.. All Mac and Cheese and Chicken for this boy. 

He loves our dogs. To the point I have to separate them because he wants to smother them..

He is a sour patch kid. With the constant tantrums and stubbornness. But will give you a great big hug and kiss. 

Totally a Dada's boy. He wants to be EVERYWHERE dad is. 

Talks non stop. Overall just NON stop. I am never ever bored. He is my best friend and he makes life gratifying and amusing for sure. I strive to be a better person because of him. 2 years ago today he made me a mom.