6 months!

Well 6 months is here!

Isnt he the cutest most rad baby. Also wearing dads baby Guess Jeans. 

He is growing like a weed!!! 

I downloaded the blog app to my phone. So far it works great and has helped a lot especially when I'm laying in bed like now trying to fall asleep but can't..  

Blake's 6 month check up was Monday. Plus vaccines and usually the day after he is grumpy. Oh and was he..Nothing pleased him, Except playing and laying with the dogs for awhile yesterday afternoon. Which was so damn adorable.

my whole heart

my whole heart


I've learned if I put him in his high chair with a toy on the tray and add the iPad with his favorite tunes to the mix he is entertained and that will occupy him for a decent amount of time. So I can rush to make my self dinner so that when I feed him his dinner is prepared and I have time to feed my self. Dinner happened early tonight for Mr Fussy Pants. Constant whining and crying. Stuffing my face and feeding him hurrying to get to the next step which is bath. Then bottle and sleep hopefully is how it happens every evening. He fell asleep! Relieved but at the same time sad because I always miss him when he goes to sleep. I start my bed time routine. NOT. Blake decides to scream cry.. Immediately I pick him up start trying anything to soothe and comfort him. Burp, Check diaper. etc. Nothing.. 15 minutes later still crying. It was like I was back to the first week of him being a newborn. I thought maybe because he's still teething. The drooling lately has just been a running faucet. It's rare that he has a tantrum with me. So far until last night I was stressing out.. I didn't know what to do. Ive tried everything. Zach's at work its just me.. No friends or family close by to help. fuck... So I start rocking and patting his back at the same time. Moments later he burped so damn loud... Crying stopped. Wth.. I guess I didn't burp him well enough the first time. That has never happened to me. But I haven't felt so stressed like that since he was born. I don't know where I was going with this other than it was just so damn stressful. 

We are going on quick family get away these next two days and i'm crossing my fingers and hoping Blake does well and doesn't have any outbursts as we venture out on this little family vacation. Santa Barbra here we come! Be prepared for tons of photos!!!


Blake's Dr visit went well. He is a big boy for sure! 19 pounds and 29 inches long! The Dr gave him a book when she came into the room and was so impressed that he immediately tried opening the book and not just sticking it in his mouth. Maybe she was just being nice but Ill take that compliment. He's smart :) 


A few vaccines later and we were on our way home. Next visit 9 months! No more vaccines till his 12 month visit! 

Still working on potty training. Loves the sound of his voice. Loves breakfast and morning. Big Block Singsongs still. Loves watching the dogs. Can roll over to back or stomach. Scoots backwards. Can finally sit up and catch him self from falling. ( Sometimes ) 

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