to play pen by bed to crib back to bed with mom and dad.


When Blake was born we had this bassinet to lay on our bed so he could be in our bed with out either of us rolling over on him and worrying too much about everything. Turns out he was extremely colicky, So he pretty much slept on my chest the first 6 weeks of his life.

Then we transitioned back to the bed bassinet, Then slowly to the bassinet built into the play pen that was set up next to our bed.


He grew so quickly that he couldn't fit in the bassinet months ago already, he is a tall baby. Anyway we took the attachment off and he's been sleeping in the play pen next to our bed.

Around Thanksgiving or Christmas I tried to transition him to his crib. Well it only worked a few days till I freaked out and brought him back to our room.

One night I slept through him crying. Even with the monitor sound up high. And he wiggles his way diagonally across his crib. That was it going to wait on the crib transition. 


Everyone has an opinion about where your child should be sleeping and when and where is appropriate. Sometimes those things get in your head when they shouldn't. You have to do what is best for you and what you are comfortable with. That's exactly what I'm going to do. Though I'm not sure what I am doing.

Me, I was trying to get to the crib get some freedom back. Mom and dad to have our room back. But all these damn random articles online and Facebook and watching damn horror movies in the past have made it difficult. I'm back to being a child right now ..

I look at the monitor and I feel like I'm waiting for a dark figure to move across he screen ..


After tonight and a whole week of sleeping in the crib. Blake wakes screaming bloody murder. Confused and checking every inch of his little body looking for a bite or a hair wrapped around his finger or maybe he has an ear ache I don't know it was probably just a bad dream.


That's it he's sleeping with us tonight.


Zach, myself and baby tucked in bed. I'm minding my own business browsing my Facebook feed and bam another stupid article that sadly scares the crap out of me. So ridiculous..


Over their baby monitors is what it said.. 

Over their baby monitors is what it said.. 



Why are these stupid stories made and posted on Facebook.

Worked on me, Currently a stupid idiot now.


All these stories of baby monitors being hacked now ? Wtf ..

That's creepy.. What the hell is wrong with people is that even real ?

Real enough for me to quickly unplug that shit and be done with it.

It's making me question my blog now ..

Am I wrong to have this blog and be posting so much of my life on social media.

There are thousands of blogs and people out there doing it. Very few lucky ones get to actually make a living doing it.. But maybe I'm crazy.

End rant.

Currently questioning my blog and considering my child sleeping in my room till he is 5.


Sleep well world !


Cuddling baby  

Cuddling baby