Do you have hosting preferences when it comes to the type of dog and weight?

Yes, At this time I am only accepting dogs under 35 pounds. It is preferred due to having a toddler in my home as well as a toddler in my home. So with that In mind I also require your pet is behaved around children. 

Can I see where my dog will be staying? 

I insist pet owners schedule a Pre-Visit (meet and greet) with me in my home prior to scheduled day of service. It is a great way to determine if your pet is a good fit in my home, foreseeing they get along with my toddler and dog. It's also for owners to see where their pet will be hanging out to ensure you both with be comfortable the duration of the stay. 

What information do you need to know about my pet(s)? 

I would like to know your pets current weight and age most importantly. At this time, I only board dogs 30 pounds and under. These preferences are due to my small dog and toddler. I also reserve the right to refuse any breeds, and unaltered non-house broken dogs. I require records of vaccinations and conformation that everything is up to date. Again, I prefer dogs to be spayed or neutered as well as house broken. Under some circumstances I will accept doggy diapers, but absolutely NO pee pads.  

Special Needs Or Medications: 

I have knowledge and experience giving pets medication as well as injecting. Please send your pets medication with vet instructions and I would be happy to follow.  


Do you stay home with my pet all day? 

I am a stay at home mama. The only time I am away from the house is to run small errands such as grocery shopping etc. When I do leave my home, I make sure to separate pets.  


Where will my pet sleep? 

I give your pet the preference of staying down stairs with my dog who prefers downstairs, Or they get to sleep in my room where they have constant supervision by me. Those who are known to cuddle usually stay in my room and have no problems.  

Do you go on walks? 

I walk my dog within my community. I use the better safe than sorry rule. I prefer not to leave my housing community due to strangers and their pets. Your pet's safety and well-being is my main concern. Aside from walks we make sure to have enough exercise. With plenty of outdoor space, Tennis balls and other toys.  


Do you offer a traveling service? 

Within 10 miles of my home I offer round trip pick up for 20.00$ 


What should I bring my pet when boarding/day care? 

If your pet hasn’t had breakfast/dinner yet feel free to bring that. I can provide food with an additional charge. No bowls are required. I have plenty. Any treats preferred especially if pet has any allergies. Aside from food and treats I provide everything else. Beds, Blankets and toys. Sometimes pet parents prefer to bring along their pet's bed because it serves them as a security blanket having that familiar comfort they have at home.  


Why is boarding in your home better than using a kennel or chained facility? 

Boarding in my home ensures your pet will get one on one attention. It is more calm setting than in a animal hospital or Petco. I only have a few pets in my home at a time. Which promises them more attention. It is less stressful for the pet and over all just a better happier experience for your pet and the pet parents.  


Will you send me updates on how my pet is doing? 

Defiantly! I send pet parents AT least a photo a day, If pet is willing to cooperate I try and send video as well. I also have a pet photo session available if pet parents are interested in getting their pets some professional photos.  


Will you bathe my pet(s)? 

Upon request and for a small fee I will give your pet(s) a go home bath. Because pets are pets curious and playful I cannot promise they come home as clean as you left them.  


What other services do you offer? 

My main objective is to board and day care in my home. I do drop in visits and walks once per day. I offer round trip travel for my boarders and day care for a small fee. Please contact for more info. 


Do you only board dogs? 

No, I can board one cat at a time. I also am open to board other animals that are not aquatics. Pigs, Lizards, ferrets to hamsters. Please inquire for details and rates.  


Extended stays during Holidays?

Yes, Holiday stays require a deposit and advance booking. Due to only few spaces in my home.


Do you have Holiday rates?

Services during holidays will be +10 per service. Contact for further details.


Do you have a cancelation policy? 

Yes, for bookings longer than 3 days I require a notice. As well as a deposit. Otherwise you will be refunded.  


What forms of payment do you accept?

I take several forms of payment. You have the option to pay under the pricing and services offered directly on this site. I also accept cash and credit in person, Or if you prefer I can send you an invoice directly to your phone or email via PayPal. Just added Venmo as well. 


Where are you located?

I am located in Los Angeles, California. In one of the many cities of San Fernando Valley called Winnetka.