My name is Mychal. I am a stay at home mom of one toddler. I have a Boston Terrier and a love for dogs and all animals. Which brought me to start "Mama to Blake Dog Boarding" So that I can do what I do best and what I love more than anything. To Stay home with my child and care for dogs every day. I am grateful for every dog that comes into my home and treat them as a part of the family and even more thanks to the families that trust me with their furry children and helping a mom such as myself continue to stay at home with my family! 

On my spare time, I like to make homemade dog biscuits for my guests. I’ve have advanced knowledge with dogs and cats from my past of working in multiple vet offices through out the years. As well as knowledge and practice with administering medications for those who need it. Pretty good with leash training if your pet needs to freshen up on their leash skills. Big fan of the Easy Walk Harness. Boarding your furry friend in my home rather than an average boarding facility or vet office guarantees one on one attention for your pet. With constant access to outside with my dog door or personal assistance. As well as only a few dogs at most boarding with me it is not so over whelming for your pet. In addition someone is ALWAYS home. Boarding facilities leave pets over night until next business day. Leaving your pet alone and usually secluded in a small space. Leaving them in a home is more comfortable for pets. Not only do they have more space. But 24 hour access to potty breaks and one on one attention throughout the day opposed to just 1-2 walks by an employee of some facility. 

Please take a look around or contact me anytime and I will get back to you ASAP!

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